Understanding the Planet Ketu in Indian Astrology

One of the key planets out of nine in Indian astrology is Ketu, which is considered a shadow planet as it does not have a physical existence like the other planets in the solar system. The planet is associated with spirituality, liberation, and enlightenment.

Ketu is often referred to as the south node of the moon in Vedic astrology. It is said that the planet Ketu represents the karmic patterns and past life experiences of an individual. Also, it is believed that Ketu influences our spiritual growth and connection with the divine, depending on its placement in our horoscope.

For those who seek materialism, they must know that Ketu is associated with detachment, renunciation, and letting go of worldly desires. So, if a person’s Ketu is sitting in its strong position, then it will influence the person to let go of things, which can be materialistic things like money, cars, luxury, and many more as well.

Even though Ketu is considered a malefic plaent in Indian astrology, its effects depend upon its placement in one’s birth chart and can vary accordingly. The Ketu planet plays a significant role in one’s chart and can help an individual’s spiritual journey and karmic patterns.