Top 5 Contemporary Indian Sci-fi Authors

Science fiction is one genre that takes you to new realms, to the territories your imagination generally visits. No doubt, sci-fi has become one of the most popular niches in the world of books. Technology, gadgets, time travel, aliens and different worlds excite all of us.

In this article, we will talk about the top 5 contemporary Indian Sci-fi authors whom you must read. These authors have successfully made their name in speculative fiction and are still doing some great work.

Here’s the list:-

1. Samit Basu

Undoubtedly, Samit Basu is one of the most prominent names that come to mind when we talk about contemporary Indian sci-fi writers. Born in 1979, his book Chosen Spirits is considered his best work.

Famous Books: Chosen Spirits, Gameworld Trilogy

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2. Vandana Singh

Vandana Singh is a popular and common name in the world of Indian science fiction books. Her books are highly engaging as she knows well how to write speculative fiction.

Famous Books: Woman who thought She was a Planet, Ambiguity Machines and Other Stories

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3. Gautam Bhatia

Born in 1988, Gautam Bhatia is another famous Indian Sci-fi writer. His book ‘The Horizon’ is long-listed for the Locus Magazine Award for Best Science Fiction novel of 2021.

Famous Books: The Horizon, The Wall

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4. S.B. Divya

It is impossible to miss the name of S.B. Divya when you are talking about Sci-fi. Her full name is Divya Srinivasan Breed though she uses her pen name for her novels.

Famous Books: Runtime, Machinehood, Meru

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5. Manjula Padmanabhan

Born in 1953, Manjula Padmanabhan is a renowned playwright, journalist and author as well. Her works are quite as well as different from the league.

Famous Books: Escape, The Island of Lost Girls

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