Tom Holland: Author Clarifies He’s Not the Actor After Flood of Indian Posts

Tom Holland, the author, has requested Indians to stop tagging him in posts related to Hollywood actor Tom Holland, who recently visited Mumbai with Zendaya. The author had been inundated with tweets and posts from Indians after the actor’s visit, and he took to Twitter to express his frustration. He clarified that he was not the Tom Holland who had visited India and requested Indians to stop tagging him in posts.

The author’s tweet led to an outpouring of support and apologies from netizens, with some even creating funny memes and images to lighten the situation. However, the author was relieved when the actor left India and tweeted “Phew.”

Meanwhile, the official Twitter handle of Kerala tourism shared a photoshopped image of Tom Holland and Zendaya in Munnar, which garnered attention from netizens. However, it was later revealed that the original image was shot in Boston, United States, last year in April.

The case of mistaken identity has left many amused and serves as a reminder to double-check before tagging someone on social media.