Saeed Rashed AlMheiri: Four-year-old boy sets Guinness World Record for publishing a book

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Saeed Rashed AlMheiri, a four-year-old boy from Abu Dhabi, has made history by becoming the youngest male author to publish a book, according to the Guinness World Records. The book, titled “The Elephant Saeed and the Bear,” tells the story of an unexpected friendship between two animals.

The Guinness World Records announced on March 9, 2023, that Saeed Rashed AlMheiri had set the record for being the youngest individual (male) to publish a book. The book was published when he was four years and 218 days old, and so far, he has sold over 1,000 copies.

The story, which Saeed wrote himself, is about an elephant named Saeed who meets a polar bear during a picnic. Initially, Saeed the elephant is afraid that the polar bear will eat him, but he shows kindness and invites the polar bear to join his picnic. They become friends and show kindness to each other.

Saeed’s inspiration for writing the book was his older sister, AlDhabi, who previously held two Guinness World Records for being the youngest person to publish a bilingual book and a bilingual book series.

“I love my sister so much, and I enjoy playing with her all the time. We read, write, draw, and do so many activities together.

I wrote my book [inspired by her] as I felt that I could have my book too,” Saeed said, according to Guinness World Records. Saeed’s achievement proves that age is not an obstacle to achievement and that anyone can achieve great things with determination and hard work.