Tips for a Non-reader to become an Avid Reader

Are you a non-reader? Do you feel bored looking at books? Do you think you can’t become a reader ever in life? If the answer is yes, then you will get the best tips on how to become an avid reader.

Many non-readers become readers quite late in life. It is because they don’t know what should they read or how should they start. In this article, we are sharing the best tips to become an avid reader.

#1 Find your interest

Choose what you like and then read about it. History, science, fantasy, drama, romance, fiction, sports and what not! Choose any genre of your interest and read about it, to start the process of reading.

#2 Why read?

Do you want to learn something or enjoy your leisure time? If you know the purpose of your reading, you would know whether you want to read something educational or entertaining.

#3 Read the Quotes

If you think you can’t read long pages or books, then just read 3-4 quotes a day. Also, try to have a deep understanding of these quotes.

#4 Set a small goal

Set a goal of reading 10 pages a day and you would never read less than 10 pages a day, which means you would read approximately more than 300 pages a month. And that’s some achievement!

#5 Join a reading community

You can join social media reading communities or you can be friends with those who love reading. This would help you get different perspectives as well as discuss the reading.