The RV Book Fair (Panel 3, 2023) Antonia Gavrihel, Kim Lengling, and Angie Maserati

Dive into the enchanting world of literature as the RV Book Fair presents Panel 3, featuring the insightful perspectives of esteemed authors Antonia Gavrihel, Kim Lengling, and Angie Maserati. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Lucia Matuonto and Pat Backley, this panel promises a literary journey that spans genres and themes.

Antonia Gavrihel, known for her evocative storytelling, brings a unique blend of emotion and intellect to her works. Kim Lengling, with her literary prowess, weaves tales that captivate and resonate. Angie Maserati, a name synonymous with creativity, offers a fresh perspective that challenges conventional narratives.

Join the conversation as Lucia Matuonto and Pat Backley skillfully navigate through the minds of these brilliant authors, unraveling the inspiration behind their latest works and exploring the nuances of their literary creations. Whether you are an avid reader, aspiring writer, or simply a lover of stories, this panel is sure to offer valuable insights and ignite your passion for literature.