Singer – Songwriter Sarah Gayle Meech Unleashes New Single ‘Love Me’

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Sarah Gayle Meech has unleashed “Love Me,” the latest from her forthcoming LP, Easin’ On, set for release on May 3rd. “This song is so much fun,” said Complete Country in their premiere. “Recently, Sarah Gayle performed on both the Outlaw Country Cruise and the Country Music Cruise, and this song definitely sounds like sunshine and a vacation.” Meech, who lovingly refers to “Love Me” as “disco country” or “yacht rock country,” says, “I love the rhythm and good vibes for Glen Campbell’s ‘Southern Nights’ ever since I was a kid and wanted a fun song like that on the album.” she says. “Most of my songs are love songs but from a sad perspective. This one is about finding joy and happiness again and having fun.”

“Love Me” follows lead single “Easin’ On.” In February, Meech’s friend, the late Mojo Nixon, gave “Easin’ On” its world radio premiere on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country. “‘Easin’ On’ is about freedom,” Meech explains. “Leaving the past in the rearview. Taking control of my life again and doing it my way. I wanted to invoke the feeling of soaring, growing wings, and taking flight. This song is a liberation anthem to keep on truckin’, keep on Easin’ On.”

From the heart of Nashville’s vibrant music scene, Meech has emerged as a captivating force. Her upbringing in picturesque Longview, Washington, amidst evergreens, small towns, and resilient souls formed the bedrock of inspiration that permeates her work. Since moving to Tennessee over a decade ago, the city’s spirit has woven itself into that emotive sound, infusing it with the soul of country music’s past, as Meech looks towards the future. 

With her forthcoming LP, Easin’ On, co-produced by Meech and Shawn Byrne, delivers a gut-punching collection of songs, penned solely by Meech, that speak to making peace with herself, and finding love – and life – again. After the release of her sophomore album, Tennessee Love Song, Meech went through the wringer – a divorce, the death of her best friend, struggles with inner demons, and just trying to survive. 

“It took me years to be able to turn these experiences and feelings into songs, and not break down when I played them for other people,” she says. “I’ve never been more vulnerable in my writing; it was scary at first, to be so open with these lyrics, but it ended up healing me.”

Her debut album, One Good Thing, resonated deeply with both fans and critics, and with residencies at iconic venues like Robert’s Western World and Layla’s on Broadway, she solidified her presence in Music City, The momentum surged with her self-released sophomore effort, Tennessee Love Song, earning Meech the Ameripolitan Music Award for Best Female Outlaw. Her compositions found a home in film and television, with features on ABC’s “Nashville,” CMT, The Travel Channel, FX’s “Justified,” and many more. 

There is an intimate and transformative journey within the grooves of the 10 soulful tracks of Easin’ On. “This album captures the beautiful highs and the terrible lows,” Meech explains. “I hope it helps others feel stronger, and that it’s possible to find joy again. This body of work is a call to liberation, to keep on truckin’, keep on going down the road. Be free. Move on,” she adds. “Let the new in.” 

You can connect with Sarah Gayle Meech on website, Facebook @Sarah Gayle Meech, Instagram @sarahgaylemeech, YouTube @SarahGayleMeech, X @sarahgaylemeech and Spotify @Sarah Gayle Meech