Silence Is Healthy

Silence is supreme when the other opposite you is not only a poor listener but an opportunist who suffers from inferiority complex of extreme order and thus pounces on every opportunity to prove you wrong and prove self right. These individuals are aware that underneath the cloud they create, there is no substance, yet the hullabaloo is necessary to deter the search of the depth. These individuals are utterly scrupulous & utterly unfaithful to just about everyone, for they not only live in a fool’s paradise, but they inflict others too with their painted illusion. 

Silence here certainly proves fruitful, for it curbs the nuisance from taking a bigger shape. The experience of the past or the learned ones certainly educates that no logic nor truth can overcome such nefariously moulded attack by the vile ones. Worse,  when the vile ones would have to face the eventuality of their action, they would intelligently play the victim card and cry as if they were the oppressed, though in true terms they were the catalyst to all misgivings and conspired turbulence, sometimes deliberately magnified and painted maliciously. 

Silence here proves right, though for a moment, many fools will side with the living lunatic to depress the silent initially. But, trust me, silence gives one the living space to not only breathe but smile at the folly from an unattached angle. 

Yes, silence would also buy time to rephrase sentences and thus effectively express them later, but as I experienced, the skewed vision of the prejudiced would never change in case the individual is a fool in true terms. The wise often wonders when life is so ephemeral, why do we need to prove ourselves as the right among the evidently wrong? The erudite records that the psychologically disguised is the biggest fool for the time period is eternal. 

Staying silent also helps one to embrace observation and thus decode the right solution. The adamancy cannot be countered by determined efforts, for the illogical, self-loving narcissist would never face the mirror. The mindset forces them to abstain from facing the harsh reality and fact. They love to live in their megalomania, and thus the wise must wisely prefer silence as not the last course but the best option for times ahead. 

Yes, to stay back and brood is not surrender but a great course. Overthinking is not healthy, nor is procrastination, but disciplining thoughts to silence is certainly extremely healthy. Agreed, it underlines attachment from reacting, yet it is a wonderful course of action that helps one to stay at a distance and record the hypocrisy getting naked. 

Human being is a wonderfully entertaining and funny being who, if not wise, is most unpredictable more than the monsoon rains. The silence here not only checks one from becoming impulsive, but it also checks one from reacting foolishly,, that surely becomes a subject of regret in times ahead. 

Silence is a bridge that is well defined to accommodate traffic which is neither excessive nor restrictive and thus facilitates a smooth passage for the arriving and leaving. Silence also helps one to check impulse by taking the due pause for a rethought. It can be taken as positioning by the boxer in the ring before delivering the punch, if one so desires. 

Agreed, initially silence would be temporary bridge, but if well traversed, it would serve as bridge to holy solace. 

The Ten Rules for Silence  

1. Silence certainly is best in case we are in company of well read seniors. Often, our half knowledge not only is unhealthy but proves to be fatal. The seniors present are not only well positioned to deliver knowledge, but the situation is a great source of learning. 

2. Silence is certainly the best course in case we are ignorant of the true facts. Silence here helps one to abstain from misleading or wasting important time. One may feel that they would be questioned on having no knowledge, but their wrong answers will for sure pack their reputation and deny ten respect for time eternal. 

3. Silence is certainly best when one is emotionally disturbed. The emotional mindset is certainly the worst stage to deliver, for I noted personally that even the best of fact or emotions are bound to be misread, and maybe inspite of best of intention read as detrimental and become source of antagonism among the innocent bystanders who are unable to read between the emotional turbulence and charge. The emotional outburst often is wrongly read as malignant and atrocious course by the vociferous. The instigating and vile may never be decoded as smartly chooses the safe, dry land after sparking the inferno single handedly.

4. Silence is certainly far better option in case one plans to deliver bitter truth that can be very disparaging and prove acidic to the collected hypocrites. I agree many would consider it as a brave act to face the storm and react with ferocity, alike a true hero. Practically, it is disastrous, as the failing judiciary and world order assured no justice quickly, and unnecessarily seeking the same for all issues is utterly foolish and delaying act in an evanescent earthly stay. 

5. Silence helps one to serve buffer zone to turbulent possibilities in loving bonds and relationship. The relationship tree takes years to build, and straight verbal action can only serve as dagger to the same. Agreed that truth & faith is important, yet its bitterness is often disastrous. Here,  silence helps not only to encourage acknowledge of truth but also respect the tendency of being kind by being silent. 

6. Often someone can be nasty and frustrating by being highly scrupulous in changing colors. Here,  one would be forced to yell, and this yelling for sure can be painted as villainous. The game behind d would stand unnoticed, and later, by the scrupulous well camouflaged. Silence here can help to ignore and bear the short duration of disguised treachery. Silence would help to meditate and pass across the hurdles. 

7. Silence is certainly the best option when you are forced by others into spelling out contacts & high credentials. The process, when complete, would paint you hideously as a braggadocio. The silence here can help you to abstain from exchanges that can belittle others in terms of stature and thus publicly humiliate. This act of claim to glory would only breed jealousy and hatred thereafter – thereafter, silence here is certainly the best healthy option. 

8. Silence is but essential when one holds post of responsibility and is responsible to be discreet and restrictive. Silence certainly is the need of the hour, but mandatory for a person who holds a responsible position that demands one to secure facts without uttering a word. 

9. Silence is also very important when you are to serve a bigger purpose of resolving conflict and thus have to be utterly cautious of what you spell out verbally or non verbally. The professional integrity is also an important restriction for silence. 

10. Silence is best remedy to handle many incorrigibly adamant . Silence is an art that can be mastered by meditation and this disciplining mind. Once mastered, it can certainly be useful in mastering control over emotion and emotional manipulations, which is a popular practice being adhered to by the exploitative collection. It would help one to discourage the negative mind practices which often seeks endorsement to check its success. 

Importance Of Silence 

Silence certainly would help one to be precise and concise in delivery of words via thoughts, along with it would help one to create a fortress of personality that would certainly serve as protection from maligning individuals. 

Silence helps one to overcome fear of the known and unknown. Sadness of truth is a learned chapter, and silence helps one to embrace the very fact that has been eternal. 

Silence is not a sign of weakness but a tool of strength, for it helps one to figure out a wise path among the disillusioned and misguided many on this planet earth. 

Silence also helps one identify one’s role from different perspectives and thus define a path that is true, judicious, and beneficial for the times ahead. It truly buys time to analyse oneself and realise that self-loving humans would never decode the sacrificed lamb, for the painted claims would be utterly misleading, and the truth would be forever lost and forgotten. 

Silence also helps one to accept accountability and thereafter discharge responsibilities – so termed as the Holy Karma. 

Silence certainly helps you to overpower the nuisance of unaccountable acts and emotions – triggered by unexplained greed and jealousy.

Silence educates that it is the truth that prevailed before the existence and it is the truth that would prevail after the existence, so silence mastered would help one to decode the path well without aggressive reactions, which may have earlier been the choosen course due to unnecessary attachment. Silence educates one to detach and attach self to wisdom. 

Yes, silence is the eternal and holy bridge that connects the earthly soul to wisdom – their best friend. 


Dr. Arun K. Shukla 
( Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Mentor)
Faculty Captain & Chief Executive
La Militaire Academy.
128/ 5, K Block, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur -208011.  

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