Sarah Ferguson’s Novel “A Most Intriguing Lady” Poised to Overtake Prince Harry’s Memoir

Sarah Ferguson is confident that her new book, A Most Intriguing Lady, will surpass Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. The Duchess of York appeared on This Morning on Thursday, March 30th, 2023, to discuss her new novel and the possibility of it overtaking Harry’s book in the charts. She spoke with enthusiasm, stating that she believed her book could do just that.

Ferguson compared herself to the protagonist in her novel, Lady Mary, stating that she had thrown in “a dream or a wish” on “every page”. She revealed that some people had asked her if Lady Mary was based on her, to which she replied, “Wallflower, me? No!” However, she did acknowledge that she sometimes hid behind a veneer because she didn’t want people to see things, something she has done her whole life.

During the interview, the Duchess of York also expressed her views on the importance of kindness and the need for it in today’s world. She stated that there is too much unkindness and that social media is a sewer. She also spoke about the Queen’s message that there should be more kindness as it helps to diffuse malice.

In addition to discussing her book, Ferguson also talked about her family and the values they hold dear. She spoke about her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, and the hard work they do in their public roles as well as their charity work. She described the York family as a unit that symbolises no judgment, kindness, and moving forward. Ferguson added that her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, had always stood by her during difficult times.

Finally, she confirmed that her book had been signed to TV and would be turned into a series. Overall, Sarah Ferguson’s appearance on This Morning showcased her excitement for her new book, her commitment to promoting kindness, and the importance of family values. With her optimism and positive outlook, it will be interesting to see whether her book surpasses Prince Harry’s memoir in the book charts.