Salman Rushdie’s ‘Victory City’: A Return to the Literary World

According to the news on The New York Times, Salman Rushdie has a new book titled “Victory City”. The book is about mythmaking, storytelling, and the enduring power of language, and is framed as the text of a rediscovered medieval Sanskrit epic.

Rushdie was brutally attacked while onstage during a cultural event in New York last year, causing him to withdraw from public life. The literary world rallied around him after the attack, and now with the release of “Victory City”, writers are once again championing his work.

The book’s message, that stories will outlast political clashes, wars, the collapse of empires and civilizations, has taken on a heightened resonance in light of what Rushdie has endured. Rushdie has recovered from the attack and is back to planning new writing projects, with friends and fellow writers reporting that he is still the same Salman and has lost none of his humor and quick wit.