Saat Phere, Millennial Vows, and Musical Pheras

A Hindu wedding is a symphony of tradition, rituals, and joyous celebrations. At its heart lies the beautiful ritual of saat phere, or the seven sacred vows, where the bride and groom take seven rounds around the holy fire. This ritual symbolizes their union and commitment to each other, and it’s an integral part of Hindu weddings.

While saat phere has deep-rooted cultural and spiritual significance, modern millennial couples are infusing their personal touch into this age-old tradition. They believe in crafting realistic vows that reflect their contemporary values and aspirations. 

Let’s explore the traditional meanings of the Saat Phere

1. The First Phera – Prayer for Provision and Nourishment: In this vow, the couple seeks divine blessings for a prosperous life, praying they never face shortages of food or money. The groom promises to provide, while the bride pledges to share responsibilities equally.

2. The Second Phera – Strength and Togetherness: Here, they pray for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. The groom vows to stand by his wife through thick and thin, and the bride promises her unwavering support and love.

3. The Third Phera – Prosperity: The couple seeks blessings for a comfortable and prosperous life, reaffirming their loyalty.

4. The Fourth Phera – Families: Gratitude and respect are the essence of this vow. The groom thanks his bride for completing his life, while she promises to bring joy to his life and honour his family.

5. The Fifth Phera – Progeny: The groom leads this vow, seeking divine blessings for noble and healthy offspring. They promise to be nurturing parents, providing a noble upbringing.

6. The Sixth Phera – Health: The couple vows to lead honest, noble lives and prays for good health, strength, and the ability to fulfill their responsibilities.

7. The Seventh Phera – Love and Friendship: In the final round, they pledge their eternal love, trust, and companionship, vowing to be friends for life and support each other through all challenges.

These traditional vows have remained the same for generations, embodying the sanctity and timelessness of marriage. However, contemporary couples are rewriting their vows to align with their modern ideals.

Millennial brides and grooms no longer seek traditional roles of provider and homemaker. They yearn for a partnership based on equality, sharing responsibilities in all aspects of life. These new-age vows emphasize companionship, understanding, and mutual support.

The Rise of Musical Pheras

In recent years, a captivating twist has been added to the saat phere tradition – the concept of musical pheras. This innovative idea, which involves singing Shlokas (sacred verses) during the Pheras, was started in North India by Ankit Batra.

What started as a unique departure from convention has now evolved into one of the most trending trends in elite weddings and celebrity nuptials. The concept of musical pheras has captured the hearts of couples seeking a blend of tradition and entertainment on their special day.

In a remarkable instance of this trend, the highly publicized wedding of Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha featured musical pheras, with Ankit Batra himself performing the soul-stirring shlokas. This fusion of tradition and music added an enchanting dimension to their ceremony, setting a new benchmark for wedding extravaganzas.

Ankit Batra's Enchanting Pheras: A Musical Tale at Parineeti & Raghav's Wedding
Ankit Batra’s Enchanting Pheras: A Musical Tale at Parineeti & Raghav’s Wedding

Ankit Batra is undoubtedly the most trending bhajan singer in India. His melodious voice has graced the most prestigious events attended by India’s top business tycoons, elites, and celebrities. What truly sets Batra apart is his ability to blend tradition with innovation seamlessly. His soulful performances have garnered millions of views on search engines and social media and captured the hearts of luminaries like the Ambanis, Bachchans, Birlas, Kapoors and numerous other renowned figures who have found solace and joy in his performances. Ankit Batra is not merely a bhajan singer; he has transformed bhajans into an art form, simultaneously redefining traditional wedding pheras into musical pheras, leaving an indelible mark on music and traditions. It’s proof of the power of creativity and the ability of artists to set new trends.

Music is an integral part of Indian culture and tradition, and musical pheras represent an artistic and soulful fusion of heritage and innovation. They transform the big day into an unforgettable memory, not just for the couple but for their families as well, weaving harmonious melodies into the tapestry of their love story, resonating through generations to come.