Poem On Statue Of Liberty

In the harbor she stands, a beacon so bright,
A symbol of freedom, bathed in golden light.
Lady Liberty, with her torch held high,
Welcoming the world with a watchful eye.

Chains at her feet, shattered and broken,
A testament to the words unspoken.
Her crown, a declaration of hope,
In her hand, the torch to help us cope.

A gift from the French, a bond unbroken,
A pledge to liberty, forever spoken.
From sea to sea, she casts her gaze,
A promise of freedom in all our days.

Her face serene, yet strong and proud,
A tribute to justice, ringing loud.
With open arms, she greets the brave,
The tired, the poor, those seeking to save.

Through storms and struggles, she stands tall,
A symbol of unity, embracing all.
In her shadow, dreams take flight,
As she guards the gateway to freedom’s light.

Oh, Lady Liberty, with your grace so grand,
A guardian of freedom, across the land.
In your presence, we find our voice,
A testament to liberty, our shared choice.