Meet Maya the Shaman, Co-Author of Awakening Starseeds Series

I am involved in several collaborative book projects. The latest Book released by Radhaa Publishing House is “Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the Future, Volume 3.” I am honored to be a co-author amongst other incredible visionary writers, coaches, and healers in this amazing Book curated by Radhaa Nilia. It’s out now for Kindle pre-sale and will launch on Amazon on Aug. 8, 2022. Paperback will be distributed to Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. This is very exciting for all of the authors. I wrote my chapter during the beautiful flower full moon. The chapter and visions I shared for the Future which all started in my homestead in the Appalachians. Never before have so many healers and coaches come together to share their healing methods through their unique modalities in a collective offering to the public in book form. 

Our world is changing fast. Many people are feeling sad and confused. Many have lost family members from this pandemic and need help coping with these changing times. This Book inspires us all for a better future! This Book is like a mini-encyclopedia of starseeds, visionaries, and holistic healers worldwide. It’s a beautiful offering!

I was born and raised in Maharlika ( Philippines) and came to the US in my late teens with my mother and siblings after losing my father, who worked for the US Army as an engineer. My mother held many degrees, which helped us get into the US because of her higher education. When I arrived as a young woman in the US, I learned the language as fluently as possible. I went to college to pursue a degree in Interior Design at Canada College in California. I spent time near San Francisco’s Bay Area to get my wheels rolling to understand how to relate to my new environment. Through hard work, persistence, and determination, I succeeded in the multiple Art forms I had developed, which led me to open a Gallery in Ashland, Oregon. I loved having a wearable art boutique/gallery called Iris Blossom. It was located in front of the Shakespeare Festival Theater. I was able to experience success from the hand-painted wearable Art clothing and jewelry designs I created. One thing that stood out, every piece of my creation was infused with all my healing Energy and Love. I always think in terms of ENERGY when I create. It was fun to work with the tourists from around the US and worldwide that came yearly to visit this town’s well-known Shakespeare festival. But after a dozen joyful years, I was called to the Appalachian Mountains. I am currently located in the beautiful smoky ridges of the Appalachian Mountains, considered the Gem of the County. This is where both my healing work and writing journey bloomed.

My Shamanic lineage activated within me at this time, with much training and certifications in other healing modalities. It was only natural that I birthed my original healing modalities: Lemurian Code Healing™ and Infinite Cosmic Records™. The Healing Arts grew wings in me, and it became my passion.

I come from a long lineage of Herbalists, Healers, and Shamans. My grandfather, Rudolfo, was an herbalist/pharmacist, my grandmother Arsenia was an incredible natural care-loving-giver matriarch, and my Lemurian great-great Grandfather Don Pedro, a mystic time-traveler Shaman. Don Pedro has guided me in creating my Healing Arts modalities. Remembering my lineage and ancestors was a deep awakening experience and healing for me. When You remember sacred parts of your ancestors, you remember ancient parts of yourself.

Living in the Appalachian mountains has deepened my healing work. As a Shaman, I do grid work, and there are many land trauma imprints that I’ve been allowed to clear a part of the “Trail of Tears.” I spent years clearing these lands of the great grief and loss of the native American Indian Souls trapped in these mountains. As I worked with our Earth Mother and her crystals – being her antennas to the world and beyond, I also realized that I was brought by fate to remember and experience my past lives in these mountains. I would see hundreds of Cherokee Indians suddenly peek out of the giant trees in my forested backyard to remind me why I was here. It was deeply activating and the beginning of how my ancestor, Don Pedro, taught me the remembering and healing through the ‘Infinite Cosmic Records’ modality I created. He taught me how I could access my past lives and help my clients remember theirs to resolve traumatic issues that hold them down in the wheel of karma.

Some of my more experienced clients in energy work have described Infinite Cosmic Records as a hybrid experience of Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, Shadow Work, Dolores Cannon QHHT, Lineage work, and more. As one goes into their records with me, we access multiple timelines, a cosmic time-space dimension my client can easily journey into. I guide them through walking into the doorways of their past, holding sacred space for them to remember, heal and transmute what no longer aligns with their soul growth and evolution. This process clarifies a present lifetime connected to one’s unresolved past or present issues and traumas. This work is very gentle, powerful, and yet safe. Each session takes the client to the deepest layer that they can handle. It is an opportunity to clear so much karmic residue, baggage, trauma, and beliefs that no longer serve an evolving being. We work through many layers of lifetimes, lineage issues, and timelines. That’s why it’s called Infinite Cosmic Records. 

On my website, the introduction page has a Tagalog Proverb.

“Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.” means “If you never seek to understand your ancient past or where you came from, you will never be able to reach your divine destiny.”

Often, certain issues are deeply stuck and have deep roots, making it challenging to clear them out, so the cycle goes on in a repeat mode, like a broken record. And there’s no stopping it unless we consciously interrupt it. That’s what I am here to do. I identify these deep patterns and help interrupt them, make the unconscious conscious, and identify and uproot them. Clients pursue me as a sacred guide and a sacred witness to their life journey. I am often called upon to work with therapists, hypnotists, or psychotherapists to deepen their experience and knowledge through my method. I am open to working with anyone ready for this kind of healing and self-discovery.

Maya Verzonilla, AKA Maya The Shaman’s upcoming book, Infinite Cosmic Records:: Doorways to Healing & Remembering, launches Fall/Winter of 2022 by Radhaa Publishing House.

“Maya, for me, is a channel that has been given to us by source as a living example of our ancestral medicine and its connection with all its variants. She is a Divine Feminine, Shaman, and Medicine Woman. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for her services, her example, and her dedication. Her essence speaks louder than her words, as all being directed by the divine presence. I recommend the experience 100%, and I feel grateful. For me, infinite Cosmic Records is a journey towards infinity that lives within each one of us.” – Yarimar Valle Andújar

“Maya is a knowledgeable healer. You’ll feel safely guided while exploring the inner caverns of your Soul’s guidance. You’ll be in great hands. What stood out the most was her vast array of experience and techniques. She has so many unique and varied tools in her magic toolbox. Her confidence and grace was commendable, she’s a gifted healer, a revered Shaman.” Lori Roddey

“Maya the Shaman is an excellent guide. I felt completely held and safe within the portal. I was able to let go and see and experience what was taking place on a very real and visceral level and trusted myself and trusted what I was observing and seeing with my third eye during the Infinite Cosmic Records session. I absolutely and highly recommend booking a session straight away to anyone wanting to gain clarity or healing of a particular experience or past life’s timeline. This experience has changed me and given me confidence in myself beyond what I can say with mere words. I am forever grateful to Maya.” Blossom Rountree

“There are times where your intuition nudges you to say no or yes, and whenever I talk to Maya, it’s like it’s screaming Yes. I think it’s because there is this truth, and she is this beautiful channel for this sacred knowledge to come through from and heal throughout. Like that feeling you get when you have felt something before, so passionately and for so long, but had never heard anyone else talk about it, and then hearing someone describe those exact feelings, is what it’s like talking to Maya, I can almost feel her letting the words come that she feels need to come with a sense of divine truth and cosmic integrity as if my spirit guides were auditing her every word. Feeling very thankful for Maya at the end of it all as always and very light literally.” Alex Sucala

It takes sincerity in allowing oneself to be real to open up in taking this journey into the Infinite Cosmic Records™. Because whatever it takes for anyone to move forward in life, the great Universe will provide exactly what you need to know or see in your records. Whether lineage cycle repeats, energetic divorce, past life karmic loops, or even vow-oaths-contracts that have their due time must be cleared. And the most important part is the lesson learned. While others refuse that “there are no lessons to be learned,” 

I strongly feel that the “Soul has to learn the lesson to evolve, which will allow them to step off the karmic wheel.” In summary, the records will lead to this and other lifetimes where there is unfinished business, so we go in and complete the karmic blockages. And other times, the Infinite Cosmic Records take you on a magical or galactic journey to explore more aspects of oneself from a Galactic level.  

Another aspect of the Infinite Cosmic Records method looks like a Shamanic Ayahuasca journey with no side effects. Yet, purging is a part of it, especially for those whose dark energies have been manipulated, which I see as a “blanket of darkness.” But it’s nothing to be afraid of. It needs to be removed or purged out of one’s system. These dark energies are trapped in one’s being, and the body can no longer contain these unwanted energies as more light is coming. So the body rejects these old energies and pulls them to the surface to be cleared. 

Those who have deepened their aspirations to rediscover their inner calling in life, including their Soul purpose, can access their Soul Blueprint through the Infinite Cosmic Records. Many clearings occur when you’re in the records. Not everyone has the same experience when going into their records. I love this modality, and I truly enjoy journeying with my clients. I’m right with them, feeling what they are feeling, seeing what they are seeing. The purging aspect can occur during a session or afterward, and this goes with any deep healing when it’s done right. As more light enters, more of the darkness must leave. “Imagine you’re in total darkness, and you have a tool in your hand, a flashlight! You need to turn it on and point it at an area you need to see in your path! It’s as simple as that. 

Like everyone, I’ve had extreme struggles and obstacles along the way. But I never give up. My spirit remained centered and guided by my Spiritual Ancestors and ascended Master despite my struggles. Having a spiritual practice and connection to the Divine has made all the difference in my life. Even though my immediate family, my mother, father, sister, and brother, have passed away under tragic circumstances, and I am the only remaining one in my immediate tribe, I look forward to the future. As the only remaining elder, I am determined to share these Ancient Lemurian gifts at this time. Not only am I doing sessions, but I am also teaching and certifying “Lemurian Code Healing” and “Infinite Cosmic Records.” There is great integrity in the training process. It’s not overnight and a very sacred process where I take my students under my wings. Only students who have trained with me and are certified are qualified to offer this work as a practitioner. I enjoy teaching, and I love watching my students heal and flourish. I wish that this world and its humans heal at the deepest levels. It is my wish for humanity.

“Trauma has kept people bound in cycles and situations that perpetuate pain. Clearing trauma is the key to unlocking these cycles of pain and suffering. Trauma clearing, individually and collectively, is the only way to real and lasting change towards healing and sovereignty.” – Maya the Shaman. 

If anyone would like to take on Infinite Cosmic Records™ mentorship with me, you should know that my mentorship is very personable. This work is not fast food, and as long as I can, I want to work individually with my students. The student is also getting so much of their clearing and healing as they learn and grow into the training. It is sacred work, and this is the way of the Lemurian Shaman.

Though there has been much tragedy in my life, loss, struggles, and at times darkness has crossed my path, I had to consistently find my way into the light. It was my only trajectory to follow the LIGHT path, which led me to this beautiful work I do today. By being of service to others and my community, I am also blessed. “The Universe has looked after me. But that is because I also work hand in hand with the Universe, which we must all remember. 

To work with the Earth, work with the elemental forces of nature, and be most grateful in serving the Divine.” We are the keepers of this Earth, and we are the ones we have been waiting for. My forthcoming books around my life experiences and the healing modalities that emerged from my lineage are: Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing and Remembering and Descendants of Lemuria. I am currently working with Radhaa Publishing House as my publisher. I’ve already been in multiple collaborative books with author opportunities, and wonderful to work with.

Yes, I am happy to share the books that have been released. Here are the collaborative books that I’ve been a part of through Radhaa Publishing House.

Energy Healing & Soul Medicine back Cover Description: Discover the Power to Heal Yourself and Others. Experience firsthand holistic experts who will give you a taste of what they offer through various healing modalities and experiences. Learn and discover all types of Healers, Coaches, and Holistic Health Practitioners specializing in their powerful and unique offerings to assist you in your transformation and self-empowerment. Grab a copy HERE:

Pillars of Light: Goddess Activations™ back cover description: The Goddesses have been taken out of History, trampled out of temples, and now, as we unravel the tight grip of the patriarchy and resurrect the Goddesses back onto Earth and into the Golden Age. Discover courageous women’s stories unraveling feminine trials and tribulations of old paradigms as each transforms their journey into triumphant holders of Pillars of Light. This book connects readers with the power of Goddess Archetypes through Radhaa Nilia’s original healing modality, Goddess Activations™. These women’s stories will help you understand that you can’t overcome the Goddesses as your ally. It will forever open your mind and heart to what’s possible when we come home to the arms of the Goddesses. Be inspired to journey into the Pillars of Light with these women. You can grab a copy from Barnes & Noble: or Target:

Awakening Starseeds: Vol. 1, Shattering Illusions back cover description: Welcome to the first and original Awakening Starseed book series in the world. We realized it’s time to come together with other Starseeds to journey into this historical time we live in. From this age of darkness, Kali Yuga, we are entering the age of truth and light, Satya Yuga. As we watch the crumbling of the old paradigm, we can choose to be fearful or decide to step into our divine power, purpose, and truth. This book series is a bridge to other Starseeds who are looking for inspiration and guidance. Each story contains Starseed messages, transmissions, and activations to inspire you. You can grab a copy HERE:

Awakening Starseeds: Vol, 2, Stories Beyond the Stargate back cover description: Wisdom keepers spoke of prophecies of how life on our planet would be unrecognizable in the future. That time is now. We realized that the clarion call has come for us to journey into this historical time. The portals and Stargates are opening, and light codes are flooding in. Starseeds are here to capture those light codes towards transformation into new Earth. Join nineteen Starseeds as they share their experiences, awakenings and transformation. The awakening Starseeds book series is the first of its kind in the world. It is a mystical book that embodies Activations, storytelling, and healing. Grab a copy at Barnes & Noble:

Awakening Starseeds: Vol. 3, Dreaming into the Future back cover description: As old paradigm structures are crumbling and millions of people are gripped by fear and despair, a wave of awakening Souls and Starseed spans the globe, spreading the message of freedom, renewal, and the promise of a great Neo-Renaissance for humanity. Chapter by chapter, readers find themselves inspired to think beyond their old, ingrained belief systems and reach into their hearts and minds to step into the future they’ve always dreamed of. You can grab a copy HERE:

Maya The Shaman, aka Maya Verzonilla, is a Shaman Healer, Life and Writing Coach, and the Creatrix of original healing modalities, “Lemurian Code Healing” & “Infinite Cosmic Records.” Maya has appeared in several documentary films, including “The Cure” by Hollywood’s French Director Emmanuel Itier, Produced by Actress Sharon Stone, where visions, wisdom, and inspiration are infused to achieve planetary transformation. Another documentary film Maya was invited was “Guns, Bombs, War: A love story,” where war cries cannot be ignored as ‘wars are crimes against humanity!’ Maya The Shaman offers a free self-discovery session, so please reach out, connect, and book your session. You can reach Maya on the website, Facebook and Instagram.