Manoj Bajpayee’s Home Production and Screenwriting Debut

The versatile actor Manoj Bajpayee had a remarkable 2023 with diverse releases, showcasing his acting prowess in projects like Gulmohar, Joram, and Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai. As the curtains closed in 2023, Bajpayee is all set to continue his trend of captivating performances in 2024 with an impressive lineup of projects that promise to enthral audiences. Among the highlights is his home production, Bhaiyyaji, where the actor takes on a larger-than-life character and steps into the role of a screenplay writer.

Manoj Bajpayee’s cinematic journey in 2023 was marked by his diverse roles in Gulmohar, Joram, and Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai. These films allowed him to explore different genres and showcase the depth of his acting abilities. Gulmohar, in particular, received acclaim for its unique storyline, highlighting Bajpayee’s commitment to choosing unconventional projects.

Bajpayee’s cinematic journey takes an exciting turn in 2024 with a lineup that promises a mix of action, drama, and thriller. The actor is set to star alongside Konkona Sen Sharma in Killer Soup, a project that has already piqued fans’ interest. Additionally, Silence… Can You Hear It?, Pahadon Mein directed by Raam Reddy, and Kanu Behl’s investigative thriller Despatch are poised to add more feathers to Bajpayee’s illustrious cap.

One of the most anticipated projects in Manoj Bajpayee’s lineup is his home production, Bhaiyyaji, produced under Aurega Studios, led by his wife Shabana and business partner Vikram Khakhar. In a recent interview with Mid-day, Bajpayee revealed that Bhaiyyaji is a larger-than-life character inspired by a true incident from the hinterlands of North India.
The script, which had been brewing in Bajpayee’s mind for years, was initially envisioned as a middle-of-the-road movie. However, director Apoorv Singh Karki, who collaborated with Bajpayee in Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai, transformed it into an action entertainer, a decision that Bajpayee embraced due to their strong association.

In an interesting revelation, Bajpayee shared that he co-wrote the screenplay of Bhaiyyaji with Deepak Kingrani. Despite having a background in writing during his theater days, Bajpayee had taken a hiatus from the craft. However, the intriguing narrative of Bhaiyyaji reignited his passion for storytelling, and he actively contributed to shaping the screenplay.