Living Within The Confinements of Lupus

This book is written to stir you into the right pathway for your life. Living with Lupus overwhelms your life. Living in the world of uncertainty never knows what your day will bring. Desperately reaching out hoping someone understands your silence, your pain, your isolation, and angry. Unfortunately, Lupus makes it hard for them to understand. This book shows you my struggles and victory. God wants to know will you be made whole?

About Author Debbie Hollins

The author behind the story of Living Within The Confinements of Lupus. She takes you through her spiritual journey from hurt to God’s amazing grace. She shares her pain, emotions, and unpleasant attitude toward God. She describes the way she felt when the doctor gave her a death sentence. It wasn’t until sometimes later that she discovered God didn’t put her illness upon her. Author Hollins, minister, prayer warrior, a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, graduated from University Pheonix with an associate of Art. She loved her LORD.

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