Listen Blurb: The World Through Jeremiah Gilbert’s Lens

Jeremiah Gilbert, an accomplished photographer and travel writer hailing from Southern California, is not just a storyteller of destinations; he’s a visual artist capturing the essence of the world through his lens. With a portfolio spanning over a hundred countries and territories across six continents, Gilbert is the mastermind behind three compelling travel books that blend narrative with vivid photography.

On to Plan C: A Return to Travel

In his latest literary endeavor, *On to Plan C: A Return to Travel*, Gilbert invites readers to join him on a post-pandemic journey. This literary gem, adorned with nearly two hundred captivating color and black & white photos, received the prestigious Literary Titan Gold Book Award. Gilbert, armed with his Leica CL and Nikon Z6, navigates the intricacies of a world gradually emerging from the shadows of a global pandemic. As he embarks on this odyssey, his lens captures not just landscapes but the evolving human experience. “These are some of the most storytelling, poignant, and gorgeous photographs I’ve ever seen” – praises Indies Today.

From Tibet to Egypt: Early Travels After a Late Start

Awarded First Place in Travel by the BookFest Awards, *From Tibet to Egypt: Early Travels After a Late Start* delves into Gilbert’s early years of exploration. Drawing from his travel journals, these tales paint vivid anecdotes of encounters with diverse cultures, revealing a profound respect for history and an ever-growing wonder for the grandeur of the world. “A thoroughly enjoyable book” – commends Readers’ Favorite.

Can’t Get Here from There: Fifty Tales of Travel

Winner of a Silver Award from the Nonfiction Book Awards, *Can’t Get Here from There: Fifty Tales of Travel* is a collection of short stories that transport readers from a birthday weekend in Paris with no money or passport to a camel-jacking in Cairo. Gilbert’s narratives are infused with humor and visual richness, offering glimpses into the unpredictable tapestry of global exploration. “His stories are entertaining and visual, with just enough lost luggage and canceled flight instances to keep the reader turning the pages. A short, fun read!” ~ Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program.

Shelter-in-Place Still Lifes: A Selection

Marking a year since the onset of California’s Stay-at-Home order, Gilbert presents a unique perspective with *Shelter-in-Place Still Lifes: A Selection*. This Kindle collection captures the beauty in the mundane, featuring Gilbert’s favorite still lifes taken within the confines of his home. Each photo, illuminated by natural light and captured with precision using the Nikon Z6 and 105mm f/2.8 lens, serves as a testament to the power of creativity during challenging times.

Jeremiah Gilbert’s books are not just tales of travel; they are windows into the soul of a wanderer, each page an invitation to experience the world through the eyes of a seasoned explorer and storyteller. Follow him on Instagram @jg_travels for a visual journey that transcends borders.