Japanese Author Haruki Murakami to come up with his new book after a long gap of six years

This year, it will be a treat for all the fans of Haruki Murakami as the legendary author will be releasing his new novel. It will be his first book in six years. On Wednesday, the news was announced by publisher Shinchosha without giving any further details on it.

Shinchosha said, in a brief statement in Japanese, that the new book will be out on April 13. However, they didn’t give any details or information regarding the book title or genre. It is expected that the book would firstly be published in Japanese and later on, the translated versions would be out.

The publishers also told AFP that it could not confirm when translations of the book would be released or even when the title of the book would be revealed. Shinchosha also added that the title would be 1,200 Japanese manuscript pages long; however, the exact number of book pages was not confirmed.

Haruki Murakami is an internationally celebrated author who enjoys a gargantuan following from all over the world. His books have been translated into around 50 languages. The author is known as a reclusive figure.