Is It Easy for Cisco Certified Network Engineer to Find a Job?

Some people have never been in the position of Network Engineer, so they wonder if they can find ideal job after studying Cisco Certified Network Engineer and his Intermediate Certification CSP. We will summarize the information for you based on my experience in this industry and the actual situation of many friends who have studied and passed Cisco CCNP. The benefit of CCNP, Cisco Certified Network Engineer, is still good.

Cisco Professional Certification System has been introduced for many years. In the world, the general network engineers are almost all based on Cisco Certification, which is indeed the truth. Then CCNP is equivalent to the basic skills that a practical network engineer with 1-3 years working experience needs to master, such as the professional skills for Router, Switch, Firewall and Network Protocol and Technical Support and Implementation of small and medium-sized computer network projects, which can be learned and contacted basically.

The Learning Level and Technical Level Are Very Important

Because Cisco Network Engineer is a professional certification of a manufacturer, it is likely that some people have obtained the CCNP Certification, but the skills they have learned or so-called real skills are not very good. They may only come with certificate, but no practical ability, because the certificate itself can be obtained by downloading the Question Bank on the Internet, and studying for a few weeks or even a month. Almost all IT Professional Certification can be obtained in this quick way.

This leads to a small number of people obtain the certificate when they don’t have the actual skills. Sometimes it is not a good thing. When you look for a job with great hope, the enterprise finds that after the interview, you are a person who has no practical operation ability or no practical ability. At this time, he will not give you too many project opportunities. There are even some who don’t even have a chance to have an interview.

So the solution is to really grasp the knowledge points and the professional skills you need to master in the process of learning. Because as a technical engineer, especially the network engineer, many professional technical content is the most basic skills in your work. If you pass the new CCNP exam through quick reciting, then You don’t really master these skills, so it is easy to expose that you are not very good at technology or pass by chance. Interview will also lead to some great mistakes in your work.

What Kind of People the Enterprise Needs During the Interview

For people who have never entered the workplace or have never been in the position of Network Engineers, it is necessary to know clearly that when we go to work in this society, it is not how many certificates we have in hand, then the enterprises will give us the position and a high salary.

Because this idea is usually from our own perspective to think about what we need, not what the CCNP enterprise needs. For the enterprise, when it is recruiting, certification is a good thing. It may prove that you have studied and participated in this examination. However, through the interview, the employer of the enterprise would like to know how your person is in spirit, how you integrate communication ability with the team, and whether you are competent to perform in the job. Of course, a short interview may not know that you are really a genius, but based on these basic job qualities, professional qualities or skill requirements, the interviewer may have a rough judgment on you.

So in the actual situation, after we learned Cisco CCNP, we can easily find good jobs in the position of Network Engineer. But you must have good professional skills and professional quality. If you can satisfy the employer during the interview and make the employer feels that you are the technical talents required by the enterprise, in this way, you will have a great chance to pass the job interview.

Is CCNP good for job hunting? 

Then you should master the basic situation of the interview for Network Engineer. When you have finished studying or getting Cisco CCNP Certification, you may start looking for a job. I want to ask you that if you are really ready to find a job.

For example, if you log in to the recruitment platforms, what is the position name you want to search for? Besides the professional name of Network Engineer, you can search System Integration Engineer, After-sales Technical Engineer, and many other job names. Do you have any basic knowledge of these jobs names?

And then if you go to have an interview, do you know what the interviewer usually asks you? He won’t ask you what is the Internet line or do an online line on the spot, which is too simple. Most interviewers will ask what projects you have done, what equipment you have transferred, what situations you have encountered in the past and how you can solve it. He will test your comprehensive technical ability of reaction and your professional skills. So are you ready for these?

Then if you go to have an interview for the position of Network Engineer, and it involves technical interview or written technical examination, Can you know what CCNP Level interview questions the enterprise will probably ask you? Do you have a technical question bank that you have organized by yourself? That is to say, don’t be passed in the most basic technical interview. How can you pass the interview even the technology is not qualified? So I want to ask you that if the Technical Question Bank is ready for yourself?

Maybe there are many other questions, so you need some common sense and skill in the process of job hunting. It is not that you become a Cisco Certified Network Engineer, and then a position will come to you. As an excellent engineer, besides being very skilled in technology, all things are connected to find a job and to improve yourself in the work. This is also the place where you can show your ability.