Interview with Author Breakfield and Burkey

Tell us something about yourself
Charles Breakfield: I’m native Texan, but my family moved around a lot as Dad was a decorated fighter pilot in the Air Force. I was born in Austin and when my Dad retired from military service we returned to Austin. I attended UT Austin and then diverted in to the comic book business. I ran a comic book store and a wholesale book distribution business for several years. I married and eventually moved to my current home in Dallas to raise my family. My first intro into technology was automating the ordering and accounting system. I loved technology and decided it was the right profession for me. So I jumped in and learned aspects of network infrastructure, security, on through to the high-end technology of today. I admit it, I’m a cyber techno-geek. I advise my customers on the best technology directions to suit their business objective. I hold an MBA in International Finance, but it’s the technology puzzles I gravitate toward.

Roxanne Burkey: I am a naturalized Texan as bestowed upon me by Charles after I lived here for 30 some odd years. I moved from California to Texas with my husband to work and raise my family. I started out in accountants’ offices planning to be a CPA but was bit by technology and data processing with a focus on driving technology changes. These days I love to map the business objectives with technology and define the positive impacts of customer and workforce experiences in making money or saving money for an organization. I like to see companies, across all verticals optimize the technology investments they have and supplement to meet their roadmap for growth. Speaking to groups about technology, digital transformation and customer experience improvements are passions of mine along with the storytelling.

We strive to be storytellers
We strive to be storytellers, not tedious techno-trainers, so we like to hear what our readers think. We like to explore different ways of sharing our stories, to the point where we enjoy speaking with any size groups about technology, stories, and ways to use technology to our advantage rather than a disadvantage.

For the young writers out looking for clues on building a brilliant product that is highly polished, study the existing genre writers you want to compete with and then do your homework on production. It is not just the writing but the producing, the marketing, and the packaging AFTER you write it.

Our advice is you will be remembered forever if you deliver a poor product but only 15 minutes with a spectacular one. Always deliver a spectacular one, but do it consistently.

How did you come up with the title of your series and the stories?
The Enigma Machine as some of you may be aware is the foundation of today’s computer. That was the main driver for using this as the series title and a portion of each story. The other name of a title has to do with the theme of the story. Each story has its own theme and we work through a debate before moving from a working to final title.

How did you come up with the plots?
Technology today provides so many options for plots because of how people use and abuse the avenues available today. We also use some of where we see technology headed which in part is the bleeding edge of technology we look at today in our professional careers. To be honest, I think we simply sit around in the back room and think up stuff. It is really fun and always on the edge. Our discussions together make the stories and plots relevant to adults today.

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