Interview with Author Kretena Monek Hunter

Kretena Monek Hunter is a mother, a grandmother, a prayer warrior, and an encourager. Her strong faith promoted her to start sharing daily devotionals with others. She was born and raised in Ruston, LA. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur whose services include an on-the-go CPR instructing business and being an LPN.

Hello Author Kretena, Welcome to WorldAuthors.Org! How many books have you written?
This is my first book

What made you write this book?
I felt that writing would help me heal and reading it would help others heal

Do you think sharing your story is important?
Yes, so that others will know that they too can heal from things that they never thought they would be able to shake back from.

If there was one thing that you wanted readers to walk away with after reading your book what would that one thing be?
To be bold with sharing your story. Never be so ashamed of what you have gone through that you hold back on being an encouragement by sharing your story.

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