Interview With Author Frank Dixon

Best Parenting Books is a collection of the most constructive and eye-opening books for parents. Parenting is stressful and overwhelming. It can feel isolating trying to figure it all out on your own. Parents can find a real sense of solidarity and guidance in connecting with those who have gone through the process before them. One of the easiest and most useful ways to do this is through parenting books.

Best Parenting Books is a collection of works by Frank Dixon, a parenting and child development specialist. Dixon’s own childhood was difficult and he faced many obstacles at an early age. He prevailed despite his challenging upbringing, and is now on a mission to help other parents raise happy and healthy children. Frank Dixon offers a variety of tips for a huge range of circumstances, and every parent will find something of value in his writing.

Hello Author Frank Dixon! Have you always wanted to be a writer?
I did not always know I wanted to be writer. It was not until somewhere between my teenage and adulthood years that I discovered I not only really enjoyed writing, but it was a great outlet for me to put my abundance of thoughts down on paper.

What Inspired you to write?
While I enjoy reading work of others I have so much of my own experience and desire to share my knowledge with the world. Literature I find to be the most effective way to raise awareness and make a positive impact with positive parenting on a global level which is important to me.

What stands out to you that you think new parents would benefit from the most?
With the Best Parenting Books series, I have many different books on a variety of different subjects that new parents can benefit from. I designed the Best Parenting Books series keeping in mind that I wanted to make my books easy to understand, digest and quickly implement for an overall better parenting experience for raising kids into successful adults.

What kind of research goes behind your work?
It is extremely important to me that I backup all my information and claims with real research. I spend a good amount of time doing this for each of my books and obtaining reliable sources which are all documented in every one of my books. I do this because it is essential to me that all my readers can be fully confident that integrating the parenting strategies within my books will produce positive results for a better, happier, and successful family with kids that are well prepared to handle adulthood and flourish. 

My parents or grandparents never read books or got professional parenting advice and I turned out alright, why should I rely on written advice?
Parenting in the current day in age is not what it used to be. Even in your parents or their parents and grand-parent’s generations. It has evolved significantly alongside the family structures and hierarchies. Kids were literally raised by ‘the whole village’ within close-knit communities and with help from family, friends, and relatives. Nowadays, we live further apart, and kids are taught different values. Modern families can take many shapes and forms and we can do with all the extra help to raise our children, including in books such as the ‘Best Parenting’ series.

Are parenting books aimed only at parents who have problems raising their children?
No, parenting books can be beneficial to any parent at any stage of raising a child regardless of whether you are currently facing a challenging moment or not. All parents want to raise extraordinary children who succeed in life by being an effective advisor and guardian to them. My books are full of actionable advice and applicable in all situations.

I understand that books are a good source of understanding the theory behind child development but how will they actually help in practice?
Despite basing a lot of our arguments and research in modern developmental psychology findings, the Best Parenting Books series are also very practical in their approach. We provide parents with specific advice with the intention of helping them develop important skills that will help you not just to understand your child better but to also support and help them to develop to their fullest potential, all day, every day.

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Where can the Best Parenting Books be purchased?
All our books are available as paperbacks and in kindle format on Amazon as well as on Audible as audiobooks.

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