I’m Not Stupid I Have Hearing Loss

As someone who was possibly born with hearing loss, the author’s hearing loss became more severe as she grew up. Tracy was a child who struggled in school at the age when the essential skills of reading, writing, and comprehension developed. These skills have always been a challenge throughout her life.

Tracy Markley’s accomplishments have not come easy. The challenge to hear well in daily life activities and in communications with others can make her brain tired. Reading lips was a habit she was not aware she was doing. Hearing loss can cause fatigue, depression, isolation, and often experiences of unkind treatment from others. In this book “I’m Not Stupid. I have Hearing Loss,” Tracy shares the experiences she has had getting through her life as a child and as an adult with hearing loss. Tracy was teased and made fun of by certain individuals for how she spoke when she thought she spoke just fine. She always wanted to write a book, but thought she was not smart enough. Once she began wearing hearing aids in her late thirties, her life changed. In time, to her surprise, reading and writing became less of a challenge for her. She learned as an adult how hearing loss can affect such skills at all ages, especially kids.

If you have a hearing loss you may relate to the stories the author shares. If you know someone with hearing loss, this book will help you understand what hearing-impaired people go through. The author also shares research, tips, and ideas for hearing and brain care. 

Tracy is now the author of twelve books, four of which are on stroke recovery. She writes a monthly health and fitness article for the Live, Love, and Eat Magazine. She has written two CEC course for the fitness industry and Tracy is the host of the radio show, The Health and Fitness Show with Tracy, on KXCR FM radio on the Oregon coast.  She was the 2021 IDEA World Personal Trainer of the Year and a finalist for the 2020 IDEA World Personal Trainer of the Year Award. She is recognized worldwide for her teaching and training with stroke survivors in stroke recovery. She has won six book awards in her author work. Her books and videos on stroke recovery have helped many stroke survivors. 

All of Tracy Markley’s books can be found at her website and on Amazon. 

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