Erin Duvall Releases Her Highly Anticipated Full-length Album One By One

Singer-songwriter, mother, and entrepreneur, Erin Duvall releases her full-length album One by One, available on February 9This album and the focus track “One by One” are penned from her own experience as she shares her artistry regarding her present and future that reflect her past. We all know the feeling of being turned upside down, uprooted from what we believed was a stable foundation, and left in unfamiliar territory. Erin Duvall masterfully captures the essence of life’s unpredictable transformations, portraying each imperfection one by one. As a mother of four, this profound journey for the singer-songwriter unfolds in her lyrics, resonates in every song, and culminates in her entire new album, titled One by One.


Through an ever-shifting journey, Erin says, “Life comes with its ups and downs and the strength you must find to rise from the ashes when it all goes up in smoke. It’s what either breaks you or defines you.” The past several years for Erin have come with some of life’s biggest blessings and yet some of her biggest heartbreaks. “When I got married, I never envisioned that I would be standing where I am today. As a single mother of four incredible children, I am fervently chasing the dreams that ring so loudly in my heart and have the burning desire to leave a legacy behind for my children. Without the hardships I endured, I truly believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” adds Erin.

In the midst of unexpected twists and turns, Erin developed into three successful mediums, which include music, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. Her soulful country voice expertly captures the pain she faced, yet she is the fearless woman she is. “Someone once told me that God shut off all of my breakers as a coping mechanism to keep me from truly feeling. That the weight of my pain was too much to carry and that just by shutting off my breakers, I could continue to move throughout my day without completely falling apart. Until I couldn’t anymore, and the whole breaker system completely shut down. That analogy has stuck with me all of these years after going through my divorce,” says Erin.

This album touched Erin in many ways, as she needed to get the words from her soul onto paper and the melodies in her heart to her listeners. One by One puts into perspective things that we’re not defined by our relationships, and you can still find yourself again even through the whirlwind. 

Erin says, “My producers would say they could see me in the studio healing with each note I sang. And with each song, one by one, I became whole again. I am eternally grateful for this journey and for the strength I have found along the way to be a better me for myself, my friendships, my family, but most importantly for my children.”

In the lead-up to the One by One album release, Erin dropped the singles “Walking Country Song,” “Too Little, Too Late,” “To Be Here,” “Girls Weekend,” and “Best Time of the Year.” She continues to find her influence through trailblazing women, including Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Shania Twain. This incredibly vulnerable project by Erin speaks seamlessly to her personal experiences and the cathartic healing process that put her back together one by one.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Erin’s non-profit charity, Twice the Love Foundation, focuses on the social, emotional, and financial stressors of being a single parent and helping those who need assistance to get back on their feet again. Both men and women alike throughout the year, emphasizing the importance of support. Erin’s commitment to this cause adds another layer to her multifaceted identity—musician, mother, and entrepreneur. Set to take place Tuesday, February 13 at the AT&T Performing Arts Center—Wyly Theater in Dallas, TX, Erin will host One Night: Twice the Heart and Twice the Love, benefiting The Genesis Women’s Shelter. A great night of music, celebrating love, and giving back. To stay up-to-date, please visit


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