Election Psyche

The human civilisation goes through a chapter of harangued manipulation to maximum, where desirous of power – charge the voters with an undeterred tirade.

Every individual becomes a victim to a tiring session of implosive therapy. Yes Implosive therapy, is a psychological art of barging into the human mind with persistent efforts so as to tire and enslave the logic. The effort of the desirous to rule is so devastating and traumatic that the individual attacked feels the stress level rise to an unmanageable proportion. The weak and the feeble among the masses, which are in numbers are forced to realise that it is their few days to enjoy glory which would be denied to them until the next election. People in India may consider themselves as unlucky, but this trend is now prevalent across all borders, which define themselves as an area of a nation. The phenomenon is indeed global and shamelessly celebrated in this world of consumerism and utilitarianism, which is now accepted as the effective MODUS OPERANDI.

Over the years of repeated practice, everyone even the meritorious, stands on toe with all the anxiety in the world, as is aware that the gullible individuals can fall trap to dramatics, that target in form of, Discriminated Preferences, Ego inflammation and Micro-Management, which works to divide the whole to manageable pieces. It is noteworthy that an erudite had once pointed, that an elephant can be consumed, but in pieces and it is noteworthy that the colonialists had decided the trick long before as the well known, the abominable policy of divide and rule. Though one may have cursed them then, but hypocrisy stands paramount, as they ( the scrupulous politicians ) ardently follow the same path hideously.

Wise minds did advise many to “ unite or fall “ but , overpowering music of selfishness was and is certainly deafening and the aware individual prefers to FALL to the abysmal depth of traumatic existence yet again , to probably never be able to climb back . No sense of foresightedness, illustration of administration or benefits gained remains alive in the mind and the wild gimmicks allures one and all out of common sense, only to endorse a new chapter, a new experiment denying all logic and experienced wisdom of the past.

The broad approach of assessment is denied acceptance and the myopic vision once again – forces the individual to err.

The visionaries advocated stable and sustainable government, yet the citizens fail to realise the foresightedness of itinerants and prefer to juggle dangerously risking one’s own existence.

The BLAME game is the new ball game where the out of power loves to charge the other with all the charges. It is certainly easy, to be sceptically critical of the other and to conveniently forget one’s failure in the past. To top it all – the multiplied population certainly has the variety, that cannot be satisfied to the level of unanimity and this becomes the capitalising points.

It is noteworthy, that the human mind always desires more and has a tendency of insatiability which is the main basis of “ Incumbency “ factor. Every Government in power in spite of best efforts , cannot rise to the expectation of every individual , as it is a next to impossible possibility . The human psyche is also affected by lack of education which underlines the fact – that they lack perspicacity to pursue a path persistently and thus the juggling of position stands detrimental to the national development. Agreed, that sometimes too stable a power corrupts, but then a period less than a decade plays havoc to the government in power, worst is the forgotten fact that the citizens themselves stand to suffer most.

It is certainly clear to a simple man with common sense, that every new government would put to use their exploitative tendency to its full throttle, to fill their coffers which stand empty as they remained out of power, yet such maddening is the instigated emotion of the gullible that inspite of basic wisdom, the to be victim prefers to ignore the inevitable.

Abraham Maslow‘s theory of self-actualisation is certainly crystal clear to the scrupulous politician, as the more scrupulous, more he plays with one’s basic instinct – right from entrapping one to the very basic need of hunger thirst & S__ X , followed thereafter by generating fear and insecurity. Using criminals clout to threaten etc has been very common in practice for decades now .

Nationalism or progressive pursuance was painted to unite one and all to gain freedom, yet history has been witness to the fact, that the human greed thanks to lack of education & lack of efficient and effective judiciary, has always upturned the vessel midway during its oceanic course, only to drown and dethrone the effort and enable it to sink forever to the basin.

If the “ Election Psyche “ needs to be stable and decode rightly, education is must and meritocracy needs to be promoted. The different levels of leaders need breeding in a disciplined fashion, so as to enable a disciplined army. The wild weed that threatens the crop, needs to be cut to size not to a discouraging level only, but to the level of extinction. Discouraging to dormancy is a an administrative fallacy , which is alike leaving a serpent half-dead , only to multiply its viciousness . The law needs to take a strong stand to check the malady and the democracy needs to be principled and not popular as it presently is forced to be . Popular democracy is a farce that seems attractive yet a trap that would serve as a parasite to every citizen’s effort in form of extorting taxes and returning nothing but another chapter of shamelessness to add to one’s memory of dismay.

It is a well-observed fact that the matching interest of many is compromising interest of the future . The “ Venezuela “ example is not a lesson to be ignored, yet the myopic & painted with selfishness conveniently prefers to ignore and is again ready to imperil the future without a second thought to the historically evident administrative foolishness of the politician of the South American Country. The FREE service promised is not a rich man’s benevolence , as it may seem , but a scrupulous minds ploy , that possess no foresightedness .

India has been well known as the land of the spiritually and intellectually charged since ages but the present silence and ignorance by the wise during the election, speaks volumes of the decay that has engulfed it.

May the almighty bless wisdom to all and instead of getting painted in communal colours , hope we all select progress, peace and prosperity .