DIGIS Launch a New Book, “A Practical Guide the Galaxy of Augmented Staffing, Remote Teams, & Other Scary Software Development Things”

Nowadays, we increasingly hear the term remote work. It becomes a necessity for any business but there are a lot of difficulties. The author Nick Nagatkin, a professional business strategist and co-founder at DIGIS, offers his point of view to solve all these problems. This book contains answers to the most common questions and tips on the most common situations that companies may encounter when creating a remote software development team.

Cardiff, United Kingdom, June 27, 2020 — This book serves as an introduction and a practical guide to these notions and approaches, and it will help your business reduce impact in the force-majeure circumstances. The main motto of this book is “Augmented Staffing is simple!”

“I’m pretty sure reading this book will change your mind on many topics and free you from many fears and stereotypes,” says Nick Nagatkin, author and experienced manager at DIGIS.

The book will certainly help if you need to:
– set up a remote team for your software development project
– scale up your in-house development team quickly and cheaply
– choose where to look for high-quality software developers
introduce tools for efficient remote team management
– fight your fears about remote developers
– get answers to most common questions about augmented staffing.

The book is already available for downloading at digiscorp.com and Amazon. It will become a valuable asset for developers, and IT managers and owners.

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