Different Types of Writing Styles

If you’re planning to get into writing, then knowing different types of writing is essential. In this article, we will discuss the four different writing styles; take a look…

1. Expository Writing

You must have seen journal articles that disseminate data and findings to peers in the same field. Such articles are known as expository articles. The expository writing style is used to share relevant data and information with readers. It’s a great tool for sharing information, whether that’s a method, an opinion, or some newfound wisdom.

2. Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing is a style of writing in which the author uses specific details to construct a visual picture. This method will supply readers with descriptions of persons, locations, objects, and events by employing pertinent details.

The purpose of descriptive writing is to immerse the reader in the setting by appealing to all of their senses. Examples of descriptive writing include a writing love letter, a diary, and so on.

3. Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing style includes argumentative writing in which the writer writes in favor or against an issue. An effective persuasive piece will appeal to the reader’s emotions in order to change his or her mind. Example of persuasive writing is editorial writing, speeches, opinion columns, etc.

4. Narrative Writing

Storytelling is at the heart of narrative writing, which entails the use of standard plot devices such as an opening, middle, and ending. This approach draws the reader into the story by focusing on emotions rather than the facts. Examples of Narrative Writing include novels, poems, short stories, autobiographies, and so on.

Closing Thought

So these are the four writing styles that you must be aware of. All of these writing styles are pretty popular among writers. If you want to become a writer, you can choose to write in any style of your choice.