Chetan Bhagat’s The Girl in Room 105 is a light-hearted thriller

Chetan Bhagat is undoubtedly India’s one of the most successful authors. You can like his body of works or hate them, but you can’t ignore him. His books become bestsellers even before they release them.

Even though the author is mainly famous for writing about IIT and love stories, The Girl in Room 105 is a thriller that Chetan Bhagat experiments with the book. Bestselling author Chetan Bhagat’s eighth novel is unique from his usual style, as the author tries his hand in a thriller genre.

The story is about Keshav, an ex-IITian, whose ex-girlfriend Zara is murdered. On the eve of Zara’s birthday, Keshav gets a message from her and feels excited to go and wish her in her hostel room where he finds her lifeless.

Whether Keshav is trapped or is going to solve the murder mystery with his foodie friend Saurabh. The Girl in Room 105 is a story of love, romance, religion, crime, infidelity, mystery, relationships and murder. Chetan Bhagat’s book is highly captivating.

It is a light-hearted book that any reader would enjoy reading with snacks and tea. The Girl in Room 105 is a page-turner that keeps you engrossed till the last page of the book. The author has been successful in trying a new genre with a bang.