Become a Top-Tier Manager and Lead Your Team to Greatness

It’s the moment you’ve been working toward for years — you’ve finally been promoted to manager! But your initial wave of excitement quickly ebbs once the reality of your situation sinks in: Your success now hinges entirely on the performance of others, and you’ve been offered no managerial training to help you navigate this new frontier.

“Few organizations provide new managers with the resources to help ensure their success during this period of massive change. New managers are left to ‘figure it out’ in the wild,” writes James Potter in The Successful Manager: Practical Approaches for Building and Leading High-Performance Teams. In it, he and co-author Mike Kavanagh dissect every aspect of becoming a top-tier manager and distill it into practical tools and techniques that professionals can implement immediately.

Perfect for new and experienced managers alike, The Successful Manager provides concrete information covering a spectrum of managerial responsibilities, including how to set goals and give reviews; how to prioritize your time and delegate effectively; how to coach constructively and give feedback; how to motivate and inspire your team; how to build trust with a remote team; how to handle tough situations; and so much more.

Other key offerings include:

· A clear framework to guide you in building the fundamental competencies of an outstanding manager
· Practical examples, stories and tips from some of the world’s greatest managers of teams and large organizations
· Diagnostics to foster self-reflection and to gauge your progress on your journey to becoming a top-tier manager
· Descriptions of the challenges you can expect to experience as a manager and advice on how to adopt the mindset that will help you triumph and emerge as a truly great manager

If your team succeeds, you succeed. And that is precisely your role as a manager — to build and grow an outstanding team and to elicit the best team performance possible to achieve the desired results.

About the Authors

James Potter is the Chief Commercial Officer at Dunes Point Capital. In his prior role, Potter was the Senior Managing Director and Global Practice Leader at Blue Ridge Partners, a global management consulting firm that focuses exclusively on accelerating profitable revenue growth. He has helped over 100 organizations and their leadership teams. The measure of his success is not pretty PowerPoint presentations or 2×2 frameworks, but the results he drives for his clients and their organizations. Potter also founded two software companies that were acquired and has worked in public organizations such as General Electric and NBCUniversal.

Mike Kavanagh is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant and educator in the areas of leadership, performance and personal development. He is the CEO and Founder of Self-Mastery for Leaders, a business that arms individuals with the tools to maximize well-being, reclaim their time and freedom and become world-class leaders. Kavanagh also works with progressive organizations to define winning strategies, build extraordinary cultures and win the talent war. He is on a personal mission to help end corporate malaise, ignite people’s passion and fulfillment in their work, and build the next generation of truly incredible leaders.

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