Author Pat Backley Interview

Pat Backley is an author, born in England but now based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a mother to one beautiful daughter. Passionate about people and travelling the world, she has spent 70 years living a colourful and interesting life and her books reflect these passions. She has always been fascinated by social history and the lives of ordinary people and believes their stories should be told.

“It is a way of honouring my ancestors. They have no voice, so I will make sure their stories are heard.”

Her published books include DAISY a historical family saga (1887 -1974), The Second Daisy, Valentine George, Seventy Years Worth of Traveling and her own memoirs: FROM THERE TO HERE, WITH AN AWFUL LOT IN BETWEEN. She has also co-authored: THE WARRIOR WOMEN PROJECT, A SISTERHOOD OF IMMIGRATION and is one of the co-authors of the anthology RELATABLE VOICES coming up in July 2022.

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