Author Marita Nizam Interview

Marita Nizam is a well-known author and educator from Germany. She grew up in a small village in Germany and immigrated to Canada in 1989 to pursue her dreams.

Marita recently published her picture book “Little Rabbit and the Grumpy-Poos,” which she wrote for young children aged three to six. Marita has always had a soft spot for children. She has always enjoyed working with children as an ECE.

Her book “Little Rabbit and the Grumpy Poos” tells the story of Little Rabbit, who wakes up happy and ready to face the day. However, her friends end up bringing her down throughout the day, leaving her sad and upset. The story is all about whether she would be able to handle the situation and, eventually, stand up to her friends or not. 

Not only is “Little Rabbit and the Grumpy Poos” a great read, but also a great way to teach kids to believe in themselves and to stand up to bullies. The author has used appropriate illustrations to introduce concepts such as empathy, boundaries, and emotions to young children. 

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