Author Dr Raman K Attri Interview

Dr Raman K Attri is a global authority on speed in personal and professional performance. A learning scientist and one among few experts researching and speaking on speed, he specializes in research-backed strategies to speed up professional performance by 200% and helping organizations to reduce employee time to proficiency by 50%. An organizational learning leader at $40bn technology corporation, he manages a Hall of the Fame training organization, named one among the top 10 in the world.

A prolific author of 20 multi-genre books, he writes on accelerating human excellence. Passionate about learning, he holds two doctorates in the learning domain, earned over 100 international educational credentials, and is awarded some of the world’s highest certifications. Undeterred from his disability and inability to walk since childhood, he continues to be an inspiring personality. He spreads his positivity by guiding leaders and professionals on the science and the art of speed in all walks of life. 

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