Author Kelly McDonald, announces the release of her new book, “It’s Time to Talk about Race at Work: Every Leader’s Guide to Making Progress on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

Author Kelly McDonald is proud to announce the release of her new book, It’s Time to Talk about Race at Work: Every Leader’s Guide to Making Progress on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Already a bestseller in the business categoryIt’s Time to Talk about Race at Work (Wiley; June 9, 2021; $26.00) offers the business world a much-needed roadmap with actionable, impactful, no-cost strategies needed to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace. McDonald focuses on how leaders want to create change but don’t know how to do so appropriately and effectively. How do you know where the blind spots are that can create obstacles for people of color and other diverse groups? Your intentions may be sincere and heartfelt, but intentions aren’t enough.

Kelly McDonald’s clear, “real talk” style makes it easy to learn:

· the costs and risks if your organization lacks diversity

· how people who don’t consider themselves racist may still have diversity blind spots

· how to start the hard conversations you may not know how to approach

· The STARTING Method — an eight-step framework that shows you how to ensure your diversity and inclusion efforts are effective

· the excuses people use to avoid taking action on diversity and inclusion and why they don’t hold water

· how to address the issues and comments that come up when employees feel nervous, resentful or uncomfortable as you make headway on diversity in your organization

This book does NOT approach diversity from the standpoint of social activism or an HR perspective. Instead, this book shows leaders exactly what to do and how to do it so that you can make real progress on diversity and inclusion, regardless of the size of your organization.

Praise for “It’s Time to Talk about Race at Work” has been abundant.

· Rob Goggins, President, Great Clips, Inc. says, “At Great Clips, Inc., we are very committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Kelly McDonald provides doable, actionable steps that move our business forward. She’s forthright and connects to people in a way that builds bridges and creates great dialogue among team members. This book is a must-read.”

· Andrew Tezna, Financial Policy and Compliance Director at NASA says, “I brought Kelly McDonald in to address our leadership team at NASA. Her realistic tactics are straight forward and a breath of fresh air. She never makes you feel inadequate for what you don’t know, and she alleviates the trepidation people have when it comes to talking about race.”.”

It’s Time to Talk about Race at Work, published by Wiley, is perfect for executives, managers, and leaders in organizations of all types and sizes. It’s also for employees who want to improve their organizations by leading by example.

About Kelly McDonald:

Author Kelly McDonald is a professional speaker and expert on diversity in business. She’s authored four bestselling books on marketing, the customer experience and leadership, all from the standpoint of working with people “not like you”.  Her newest book, It’s Time to Talk about Race at Work debuted at #1 on the business bestseller list.  You can learn more about the book and McDonald’s work by visiting www.kellycmcdonald.