Angela Wadley’s “The Poison of Perfection”: A Guide to Achieving Contentment

Angela Wadley, a Board-Certified NLP/EFT/Time Techniques Practitioner/Hypnotist & Success Coach, has authored a self-help guide to help readers achieve contentment in their lives. In “The Poison of Perfection,” Wadley offers practical and easy-to-implement tips and techniques to let go of unattainable perfection and pursue excellence instead.

The negative effects of perfectionism on various aspects of life are covered in this guide, including relationships, careers, and personal growth. Readers who struggle with perfectionism will find Wadley’s insights valuable, and the bonus section on using meditation, yoga, and other activities to help relax and appreciate life is a welcome addition.

As a highly experienced coach and author, Wadley’s writing is filled with profound wisdom and teachings that inspire change and ignite action in her readers. Her coaching programs have helped numerous people achieve their desired results, and she is passionate about helping people maneuver life’s unchartered territories.

In addition to “The Poison of Perfection,” Wadley has also authored books on time management, Reiki, and dating coaching. Her coaching programs encourage people to focus on their goals and desires and encourage the behavior that gets them on their desired paths.

Wadley’s book has been met with rave reviews and is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats on Amazon. For those tired of the endless pursuit of perfection, “The Poison of Perfection” is a must-read guide to achieving contentment and living one’s best life.