Adventure-Packed Equillian’s Key Plunges Readers into Vivid, Nautical World

Equillian’s Key, from K.L. Harris, plunges readers into the vivid, nautical world of Equillian, where pirates plague the seas, enchanted objects are outlawed, and a mysterious element whispers of unparalleled power.

The adventure-filled story begins in a time when Equillian’s precincts stand united, but the people are divided between the wealthy and the impoverished. With the alchemists’ creations banned, steam technology is on the rise, and flying ships are replacing the need for dragons.

Here, Bastian and Felix live a simple life, picking pockets and pulling cons on aristocrats, dreaming of the chance to change their stars. But that’s all turned upside down on Bastian’s 16th birthday, when crashing the duchess’s engagement party doesn’t quite go as planned. Who would’ve guessed that conning the guests, stealing the castle’s prized artifacts and wooing the betrothed duchess would cause so much trouble? The event casts them both into an unexpected adventure that will challenge everything they know and change their world forever.

The perfect escape, Equillian’s Key is a fast-paced fantasy woven with mystery, magic and romance that takes readers to a rich and interesting world full of vibrant characters. Harris’s immersive narrative draws readers in and takes them along on an epic ride — and the adventure has just begun. 

About the Author

K.L. Harris is a writer, author and all-around make-believer with an insatiable habit of turning words into worlds.

After years of adventuring around the globe, training for combat, pouring beers in dodgy taverns, working various odd jobs as a filmmaking thespian and entertaining children as a pirate, she finally realized that who she truly is, and always has been, is a writer.

Born and raised in the United States, Harris now lives in Western Australia with her husband and two children, dedicating her life to wrangling her young wild things and bringing readers the best stories she can imagine.

Equillian’s Key is the first book in Harris’s Archives of the Night-Watcher’s Series. Book two, Star-Locked, is scheduled for 2022.

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