A Shelter Dog’s Tale

In the shelter’s silent echoes, a tale untold,
A dog awaits, its story yet to unfold.
Beneath the flickering sheltering light,
A heartbeat yearns for a home so bright.

Furry paws on cold, sheltered floors,
Eyes that have seen closed, desolate doors.
Yet, amidst the shadows of a transient stay,
A glimmer of hope awaits a brighter day.

Adopted from the refuge of loneliness,
A shelter dog, a tale of tenderness.
In the embrace of a compassionate hand,
A journey begins, a bond to withstand.

No pedigree defines this noble friend,
No lineage, no status to comprehend.
Through shattered pasts, resilience we find,
In the adopted shelter dog, love entwined.

Tail-wagging joy, a dance of delight,
In the warmth of a home, banishing the night.
Broken windows can’t shatter the soul,
Of a dog, once lost, now making us whole.

Champion of courage in fur and in heart,
A four-legged hero, playing its part.
Through fields of freedom, in love, they roam,
This adopted shelter dog, finding a home.

Beneath the moonlit sky, stars align,
A constellation of stories, one of canine.
In the shelter’s refuge, a promise kept,
An adopted shelter dog, forever treasured, never slept.

So, let us celebrate the tails unfurled,
Of shelter dogs, in a compassionate world.
In each pawprint, a saga unfolds,
An adopted shelter dog, a narrative of gold.

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