5 Most Famous Romance Authors of India

India is a country of love and cheerfulness where we have diverse cultures and castes but still standing rock solid. There are so many people in our country who just love to read or watch love as a genre. Shahrukh Khan is surely called as ‘King of Romance’ for a reason!

There are so many authors in India who write love stories but only a few separate and give us some mesmerizing love stories. Something about love entices all of us, even if we aren’t those romantic souls who keep on romanticizing everything and everyone around them.

In this article, we will share a list of the top 5 romance authors in India.

Durjoy Datta

Born in 1987, Durjoy Datta’s name has just become synonymous with romantic novels in India. Datta left his job at American Express as a marketing analyst and became a full-time writer since his books became bestsellers.

Famous Books: Wish I Could Tell You, Till the Last Breath, The Boy with a Broken Heart, Our Impossible Love

Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh is one of those authors who are born out of tragedies. His book, I too had a Love Story, was inspired by his real-life tragedy, as his girlfriend died in 2007. Born in the year 1982, Singh’s quite active on his Insta as well.

Famous Books: I too had a Love Story, Can Love happen Twice? Will You Still Love Me?

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat, born in 1974, is one author who can be called the “Salman Khan” of the fiction writing world. Even though he’s criticized by many literary writers, his books sell enough copies to shut their mouths. He was ruling, is ruling, and it feels like, will keep on ruling!

Famous Books: Half Girlfriend, Revolution 2020, 2 States

Nikita Singh

Born in 1991, Nikita Singh has done a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from The New School, New York City. Her novels are heart touching and bring emotions out so beautifully and flawlessly.

Famous Books: Letters to My Ex, The Reason is You, The Promise, Every Time it Rains

Ajay K Pandey

Ajay K Pandey is another author who has created something beautiful out of a tragedy in his life. He wrote a bestselling book, You are the Best Wife, after the demise of his wife. Anyone’s heart would sink after reading such emotional and painful books!

Famous Books: You are the Best Wife, Her Last Wish, An Unexpected Gift, You are the Best Friend