WorldAuthors.Org Talks To Author Christopher Griffith

Christopher loves television, electronic music, Matthew, poetry, rip-roaring conspiracies, supermarkets, fantasy fiction from The Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter, and anything Shakespeare. He writes upon these subjects that in study of them he will hopefully interest others, and learn thereby himself!

Hello Author Christopher Griffith, Welcome to WorldIAthors.Org! Why did you decide to be a writer?
I was studying English Literature at university and a lot of it was really dark and bleak, depressing my spirit; that and the often dry task of writing essays upon this same lifeless composition awakened something within my soul and encouraged me to start producing stories myself that would hopefully lift rather than weigh down the spirit.

Why should we read your stuff?
Because I really care about the writer-reader relationship. I’m not out to take shortcuts and make lots of money by offering you the same plots, characters and storylines a thousand other authors have shown before me. I’m interested in all of these parts of a book, of course, but I want you to finish one of my novels feeling better, not worse and not just because there’s a happy ending (which there isn’t in William Ottoway’s Utopia). Basically, I think writers are writers because they remind their readers of things which they may have forgotten. That may sound weird but I’m totally against the tabula rasa argument which suggests we’re all blank slates from birth which life writes upon us; I think there’s a perennial philosophy, that we’re born having drunk from the River Lethe and forget what we’ve always known. The writer is there to remind us then, to say hang on you forgot this truth about the world and I’m here to help you remember. Just think of the best books you’ve ever read, they read your psyche, a mind which already knows and goes yeah, that’s right, I recall that now.

Who the hell are you then?
I got ill when I was young, bipolar disorder ripped its way through my mind and turned my whole life upside down. To recover, I read as broadly and widely as possible and also took to writing to cope with the carnage and trauma I was experiencing in real life. I don’t have a mind myself in that if you looked in my brain you’d see a gargantuan absence into which pour all experiences I own then spinning round until I take pen in hand and put thought to paper.

What are you on about?
Please read my work!

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