Who’s the author of the book Legend of Suheldev

The author of the book Legend of Suheldev: The Man who Saved India is Amish Tripathi, who is considered one of the most popular authors of India. Born in 1974, Amish’s books often carry the themes of epics and mythology. He left his banking career and became a full-time writer once his books became bestsellers.

However, the author has jumped into the world of Indian history with his book on Suheldev, who fought against the Ghaznavid forces in the 11th century. The historical fiction novel tells the story of the legendary Indian king Suheldev, weaving together elements of history, folklore, and mythology to create a compelling narrative.

Amish’s previous books, The Shiva Trilogy and The Ram Chandra Series, have been highly successful and have also become bestsellers. The Indian mythology writer Amish makes readers aware of forgotten heroes like Suheldev through his book, Legend of Suheldev.

Released in 2020, The Legend of Suheldev unfolds the legendary battle of Bahraich between the heroic Suheldev and Salar Maqsud, the terrifying Turkish commander of Muhammad Ghazni. The story of Suheldev brings Indian readers a small but significant part of Indian history that we have not been told before, not even in our school syllabuses.