Who is the writer of the play Medea

Euripides is the playwright behind the timeless classic Medea. Known for his thought-provoking plays, Euripides was a Greek playwright from the 5th century BC. One of his best works in the tragedy is Medea, which has stood the test of time and continues to be performed and studied, especially by literature students.

Euripides was a contemporary of Sophocles and Aeschylus, two other renowned playwrights of ancient Greece, even though the other two playwrights were more popular than him. Euripides’ plays have had a great impact on the world of theatre and literature.

The story of the play Medea is about a woman who is betrayed by her husband, Jason, and seeks revenge against her husband by committing an unpredicted crime. Medea delves into the themes of revenge, love, betrayal, and their consequences.

Even though Euripides’ plays were not always well-received during his lifetime, his influence on the development of drama cannot be ignored. His play, Medea, continues to be performed all around the world, engaging audiences with its powerful storytelling and unimaginable ending.