Who is the author of The God of Small Things

Arundhati Roy is the author of the famous book ‘The God of Small Things’. Born on November 24, 1961, in Shillong, Meghalaya, India, Arundhati Roy is an Indian author, activist, and political commentator.

Her debut novel ‘The God of Small Things’ was published in 1997 and won the Booker Prize the same year. The book covers various themes like love, loss, and caste discrimination in India through the story of a family in the southern state of Kerala.

Arundhati Roy is not only a popular novelist, but also a renowned political activist. She has been quite vocal about the Indian government’s policies on issues such as nuclear weapons, dam construction, and human rights abuses in Kashmir.

The novelist started her career as a screenwriter for television and movies. She has continued to write both fiction and non-fiction. Roy’s other books include The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, Azaadi, An Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire, and Capitalism: A Ghost Story.

Arundhati Roy is one of the most famous personalities in the country, who has been in the news for her campaigns against the Indian government on various issues. However, the novelist is a highly respected author and her works have had a noteworthy impact on Indian society.