Who is the Author of the Book: Scrolling Shadows?

Diane Shawe, a prolific author and entrepreneur with a passion for empowering others, takes a thrilling turn into young adult fiction with her debut novel, “Scrolling Shadows: Sucked into the Darkside of Instagramverse.”

Shawe, a speaker, trainer, and philanthropist with over 20 published titles, brings her wealth of experience to this captivating story that tackles the ever-present issue of social media addiction in teenagers.

A World Beyond the Screen

In “Scrolling Shadows,” readers meet Amy Richardson, a seemingly ordinary 17-year-old whose life revolves heavily around the world of Instagram. One fateful night, a twist of fate plunges Amy into a situation when she is sucked into her mobile phone portal facing a far more perilous situation than the curated feeds she’s accustomed to.

Trapped within the virtual realm of the “Instagramverse,” Amy’s familiar digital haven transforms into a treacherous landscape. Here, she encounters cryptic puzzles and enigmatic challenges, all while grappling with the dark side of social media addiction.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Aiding Amy in her quest to escape is Nexus, a mysterious guide who offers cryptic wisdom and assistance. Together, they navigate this surreal world, forcing Amy to confront her dependence on social media and unearth the truths hidden beneath the carefully crafted pixels of her online persona.

With each twist and turn, the narrative delves deeper into the protagonist’s self-discovery. Amy must not only overcome the obstacles within the “Instagramverse” but also come to terms with the impact social media has on her real-life relationships and self-esteem.

More Than Just a Thrilling Tale

“Scrolling Shadows” transcends the boundaries of a simple young adult adventure. This debut novel serves as an inspiration for young readers struggling with their own relationship with technology.

Shawe masterfully weaves a cautionary tale about the dangers of social media addiction without sacrificing the excitement and suspense.

A Look at the Author

Beyond her impressive entrepreneurial achievements, Shawe’s passion for empowerment extends to her writing. “Scrolling Shadows” is the first book in a planned trilogy, hinting at a deeper exploration of the themes presented in this initial installment.

Shawe’s extensive background in training and mentorship, coupled with her own social media savvy, provides a unique perspective for tackling the challenges faced by teenagers in the digital age.

This debut novel marks the beginning of an exciting venture for Shawe, offering a thrilling tale for young adults intertwined with a powerful message about self-reflection and responsible use of technology.