Who is the author of the book Sacred Games

The author of the bestselling novel Sacred Games is Vikram Chandra, an acclaimed Indian-American author. Published in 2006, the book weaves together multiple storylines set in the bustling city of Mumbai and follows the lives of two main characters: Sartaj Singh, a tired police officer, and Ganesh Gaitonde, a powerful and enigmatic gangster.

The author’s writing is rich and expressive, giving readers the vibrant and chaotic world of Mumbai with vivid descriptions and powerful characterization. Born in 1961, Vikram Chandra’s first novel, Red Earth and Pouring Rain, won the 1996 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book. His novel, Sacred Games, was also adapted into a popular Netflix series in 2018, making his work more popular than ever before.

Sacred Games delves into themes of crime, corruption, politics, and religion, going deep into the complex connection between these forces in the present-day world. The novel has received widespread critical acclaim for its complex plot and masterful storytelling.

Vikram Chandra’s talent as a storyteller shines through his 900-plus-page novel, which is no less than a treat for literary fiction and crime thriller lovers. Sacred Games is a great read for those who wish to learn about the complexities of modern India.