Unshackled and Unashamed by Dr. Gerald Smith Jr. – Releasing on February 6th 2023

Dr. Gerald Smith Jr.’s new book, “Unshackled and Unashamed,” is set to be released on February 6th. The book, written by Dr. Gerald Smith Jr.’s, founder of GSJ Ministries in Charlotte, North Carolina, aims to explore the topic of singleness and marriage and provide guidance for those struggling with these issues. Under his apostolic and prophetic authority, Dr. Smith hopes to empower and bring healing to those who are hurting, rejected, and lost, and to point them towards the deliverance available through Christ.

Why This Book?

Why am I still single? Why didn’t I get what I was supposed to get when I followed the “rules?” Whether you are a believer or non-believer, this question and answer have plagued and evaded the minds of singles all over the world. Although there are diverse answers to the question, do you think we need a common answer for direction in life about marriage versus being single?

As a counselor and life coach, I hear the cries of many single men and women. Good men cry out from their feelings, resounding that there are good men out there, and say, then why do some women seem to want a bad boy? Women ask, why do good men seem like they are not ready to settle down with a good woman? The answer to these questions escapes us, but there is a common answer. Join me, on a journey through these pages to discover that common answer as we begin to see that the single life isn’t as bad as we think, especially when we remove our insecurities. So, can insecurities be the culprit and cover that we hide behind?

My objective is to remove the cover-ups and reveal the integrity of the single life despite the negative perceptions, human weaknesses, and misconstrued information that causes shame. At the same time, I’ll examine the value of marriage and why some hold off on marriage, and why some opt for it.

Learn more about the book or connect with the author by visiting www.drgeraldsmithjr.com