Understanding the Planet Sun in Indian Astrology

Indian astrology is an ancient science that has been practiced for centuries. Known as Vedic astrology, it has nine planets in total that influence our lives. The sun holds a significant place out of all these nine planets.

The planet Sun is also considered the creator of everything and the king of the planets. In Indian astrology, the Sun represents the soul, authority, and self-confidence. It is also considered a vital planet for bringing success, fame, and prosperity if it has a strong placement in one’s horoscope.

Considered a beneficial planet, the position of the Sun in a horoscope chart can reveal a lot about a person’s personality and life path. While a strong Sun tells a person to be confident and ambitious, a weak placement of the Sun in the horoscope can indicate a person’s lack of confidence and obstacles to achieving goals.

Understanding the role of the Sun in the birth chart can help a person navigate life with more clarity and insight. For those who have a weak placement of the planet Sun in their charts, they can surely go for remedies recommended by astrologers. It will strengthen the influence of the Sun in their lives.