Therese Plummer: Narrator, Actress, Writer and Much More!

Hello Therese Plummer! Thank you for joining us today, please tell us something surprising about yourself?
I am the fifth of eight kids and there are four boys and four girls and we were all born girl girl boy boy girl girl boy boy so everyone has a partner!

What are you doing when you’re not working?
Having dance parties with my dog Butter and Cat Chucky. We like Deadmau5. I write sometimes.

What do you never have with you (or always have with you) in the recording booth?
Water, tea and espresso are musts. I never have anything that will get picked up by the microphone: dangly earrings, loud clothing (lol) and no food cause I don’t want to clean up the crumbs.

What do you do for encouragement or to be motivated?
I got to tell you I love this question. There is nothing worse than the inner critic who lives between my ears and named Florence. She tells me before I even get out of bed how I am running behind and a looser and I missed the boat blah blah blah. So what I do to quiet Florence down and get back and stay on my team is a guided meditation with Sarah Blondin to remember I am indeed a queen. Then I feed my animals. That act of love and service gets me out of myself. Then I connect with other artists and friends and get to work. I literally do this every day. Florence is a BEAST.

How do you balance your work life with friends or family that don’t understand the challenges experienced by creatives?
I married an amazing man who is the polar opposite of me, thank god. He tells me he never knows who he will come home too. Depending on the book I am performing and characters I am inhabiting that day it can be a circus. I definitely try to leave work in the sound booth and just be Rez with my family. I have a phenomenal group of colleagues that I group text with and we all help each other navigate being female business owners and workers in a very tumultuous world. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without their support and love.

How can we be a support system to the female business owners in our lives?
Encourage, support and invest in female business owners. When we advocate for ourselves for a higher wage or project please hear us. Take us seriously. It has been a male dominated work place and world for a long time. Make room for the Queens. We are here to stay.

Can you share an inspiring quote with us for 2021?
My new fave is what I am trying to live by each day: #stayonyourteam

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