The Whirl Wind Man: The First-Time Travel Vessel

New fiction book may meet my favorite author goal, passed writer: Isaac Asimov-Through humor and satire Isaac Asimov creates a world where the reader can experience what it would be like to touch for the first time a blade of grass, to see the blue sky, or to catch a butterfly. IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY when a Creative Short Story reaches readers of all ages will enjoy. Well Isaac’s favorite fan new fiction author John Pavon feel he has done just that! His new short fictional book titled The Whirl Wind Man subtitle The First Time Travel Vessel the first of 5 total short books of the series where these two brother adventure and game playing land one which last and last. His narrative style told thru the eyes of the oldest brother Jimmy is unique bringing the images of the future & past to translate the present. Looking back in time and living in the present while learning from their new alien being friend communication thru pure thoughts no-verbal communication through the use of images leads to new inventions and takes science into the new future realm. This series book with more action to come. 

Most all of the reviews have been positive and received 4.5 stars from Score-it! The publisher just informed the author that it just got a Golden Seal!- The Gold Seal of Literary Excellence is a proof of support for your book with superior literary work. Gold Seal of Literary Excellence gives you the chance to have your work stand out from other titles. It acts as an immediate reference for traditional publishers, movie producers, book investors, library directors or readers in choosing their next literary experience. Your book cover with the Gold Seal stamp, distinguishing it from other published books.

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and an audio book is also available online wherever audio books are available.  If you purchase the book at one of his books signing events, you can get an autographed 

You can see his Second Time Travel Vessel-(STTV-2) at book signing events near you!  A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Tornado Disaster Relief. 

About Author John Pavon

Local artist, freelance: writer, author, speaker. passion for nature and science. a different vision of the future. Our kids are our future-must encourage Learn about our small blue planet we call earth! A percentage of the proceeds from this book will go to Disaster Relief. 

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