The RV Book Fair (Panel 6, 2023): D.C Gomez, Charles Breakfield, and Roxanne Burkey

In the heart of The RV Book Fair, Panel 6 emerges as a beacon for literary exploration, featuring an ensemble of distinguished authors set to unravel the secrets behind their captivating narratives. The hosts, CJ Ives Lopez and Lucia Matuonto guide the audience through an immersive journey with esteemed guests D.C Gomez, Charles Breakfield, and Roxanne Burkey. As we anticipate this literary rendezvous’s intellectual riches, let’s delve into each author’s unique perspectives in this enriching forum.

CJ Ives Lopez and Lucia Matuonto, masters of facilitating thought-provoking conversations, are hosts for Panel 6. Their seasoned expertise ensures a dynamic and interactive session, creating an atmosphere where authors can easily delve into their literary creations’ depths.

D.C Gomez, a luminary in the literary landscape, joins the panel with a wealth of experience and creative brilliance. His diverse portfolio of works has left an indelible mark on readers globally. Gomez is anticipated to share invaluable insights into his writing journey, offering a glimpse into the inspiration and craftsmanship behind his compelling narratives.

Charles Breakfield, a celebrated author renowned for seamlessly blending technology into thrilling narratives, graces the panel with his presence. His unique perspective on the intersection of technology and storytelling will ignite fascinating discussions, providing attendees with a fresh outlook on the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary literature.

Roxanne Burkey, an accomplished author celebrated for her collaborative writing ventures, completes the trio of distinguished guests. With a gift for collaborative storytelling, Burkey is poised to shed light on the art of co-authorship and share her experiences in weaving narratives in tandem with others.