The Future of Inclusion

I had the honor to interview Fran Smith and Shelley Kenow on the Carpooling with the RV, a monthly series on The Relatable Voice Podcast.
Fran and Shelley talk about inclusion and what we can do to encourage friendships and social connections in an inclusive classroom. Shelley is the author of the book Those Who “Can’t…“Teach and Fran is an advocate for those in long term facilities. To learn more listen to their episode on the Relatable Voice Podcast (find the link attached below).

To our readers, if you want to watch their program and learn more about this, don’t miss their weekly episodes called Fridays with Fran which you can watch on Youtube.

Quick Ways to recharge your battery as a caregiver by Fran Smith

⏰ Take a moment to just breathe.

⏰ Order out or delivery for a meal.

⏰ Take a long bath or shower.

⏰ Sit in your car and just listen to music.

⏰ Go on a walk around the block.

⏰ Choose to allow unstructured time in the day.

⏰ Choose your battles.

⏰ Prioritize the to do list for the day, reassess the list at lunch and put aside that which can be done another day.

⏰ Give yourself grace.

⏰ Journal, blog, color, craft, build, etc.


⏰ Sit in the yard and allow your child to self entertain and give yourself a moment to rest.

⏰ Ask for help, even to just have someone sit in your house and let you take a nap while your loved one is resting or occupied.

⏰ Balance

Letting others do for you is not a sign of weakness or failure, it is using your resources wisely.

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