The Condor’s Shadow – Now Available on Amazon

Thirty-four year old Clayton Poole has wandered state-to-state, changing identities for nearly two decades. Finally about to start life as a small-town Montana journalist, he is suddenly confronted by his darkly checkered past: the love of his life–Maddie–whom he’d felt forced to surrender, and the violent act that first expelled him onto the road and changed his life forever.

Set in California, Montana, and the Pacific Northwest, The Condor’s Shadow tells Clayton’s story in a layered fashion, moving fluidly back and forth through time from the early 1950s to the present, as he struggles to escape, rectify, and finally reconcile the forces that have shadowed his life.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Jim Story is a novelist, short-story writer and poet, and author of the much-acclaimed novel Problems of Translation, or Charlie’s Comic, Terrifying, Romantic, Loopy Round-the-World Journey in Search of Linguistic Happiness and his new novel, also much-acclaimed, The Condor’s Shadow.

A former Okie blues singer and Russian history professor, Jim has published short stories, essays, reviews and poetry in Confrontation, The Same, Karamu, Folio, Pindeldyboz, Helicon, Aspen Anthology, Berkeley Poetry Review, Steelhead Review, Now, Paper Boat, Hyn Poetry Anthology, Poets, Big City Lit, Long Island University Magazine, And Then, and Home Planet News, for which he served several years as Executive Editor. He’s been nominated for a Pushcart Prize (for a series of poems called “Notes of a Forty-Year Old Country Boy”), won a Best New Writers Award from Poets & Writers, and held a residency at the Edward Albee Center in Montauk, Long Island. Jim also studied with Ben Fountain in Belize in a workshop sponsored by the magazine Zoetrope All-Story in 2011, as well as with Jim Shepard at Sirenland (Le Sirenuse) in Positano, Italy in 2014, in a workshop conducted by One Story magazine. Born in Oklahoma and raised on a ranch in the San Joaquin valley in California, Jim holds a PhD from Columbia University, a certificate from the Harriman Institute, and has taught at Whitman College, Long Island University and Lehman College in New York. Jim is an enthusiastic follower of tennis and jazz. He lives in New York City, where he is at work on a novel-in-stories, Professor Fairweather Hits the Skids (working title, expected release Fall 2023) and a collection of tales called Soil, Sand, Stories (also a working title).

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