Tarot Guide for Self-Help: Interview with EXSTATICA’s Co-Author

Hello Frank, thanks for joining us today. What is your new book about?
EXSTATICA is a Tarot guide, that uses Tarot decks as a tool of personal and transpersonal discovery. In this Tarot book, we explore Four Spheres: Meaning, Cognition, Emotion, Behavior. Our life is harmonious, when these spheres are aligned. With Meaning including all of them.

What is unique about your approach to Tarot?
EXSTATICA uses the 50 cards deck known as the Mantegna Tarot, to guide us through this journey of personal discover. The Sphere of Behavior includes the first ten cards of the Mantegna Tarot. The cards from 11 to 20, belong to the Sphere of Emotion. The Sphere of Cognition includes the cards from 21 to 30. The outer Sphere of Meaning includes the cards from 31 to 50. The Visconti Sforza Tarot, Sola Busca Tarot, Tarot of Marseille, Rider-Waite Tarot, the already mentioned Thoth Tarot, and other decks can be used with EXSTATICA as well.

How did your puppy help you to write this book?
Shanti inspired me, with her instant wisdom and presence. Thanks to her, I decided to discard the previous manuscript, that was too theoretical. Rewriting the book from scratch. I would have never imagined it, but my puppy has been my “teacher”. The moments she gifted to us, transcend what can be described in words. 

Among the 50 cards of the EXSTATICA Tarot, do you have any favorite ones?
Two key cards in the Mantegna Tarot are A 43 (Venus) and A 42 (Mercury). They remind us the dance of the Feminine and Masculine principles. Between Love on Earth and Wisdom. They complement each others. These and other practical aspects of tarot reading for self-help, including cards meaning and suggested tarot spreads, are all covered in EXSTATICA.

Will your book be available in other languages?
Thanks for the feedback I have been receiving, there is a lot of interest among Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish speakers. So these are languages I am considering for localized versions of EXSTATICA.